ARB Bumper install help

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Apr 17, 2010
Menifee, Ca
Hi new guy here. does anyone have a copy of the install instructions for the arb winch bumper? The one in the parts kit looks like it was burned or chewed up by something:confused:. thanks
i don't have the instructions but I'm sure you can search it online. It's real easy. Just make sure you mount your winch to the bumper if you can't do it after install. I had to mount the winch to the bumper and hang it alone. Not an easy thing to do.
check that. I've got them but can't scan. I can fax tho.
not exactly a big need for instructions, just bolt it on...

Thanks for the link. Helped clear up some cloudy spots.
not exactly a big need for instructions, just bolt it on...

X2!!! I did not even used the instructions. The wife helped me to lift it, once lifted, basically push it in and bolt it. If any instructions are needed, would be for the winch installation. How many bananas???:banana::D
Thanks for the link CDFarmer. it helped clear up some stuff. And yeah you guys were right it was pretty straightforward. I don't have a winch yet so it wasn't too bad to put on by myself. I just wanted to make sure I didn't end up with spare parts like whenever I jump into things without reading the instructions :doh:. Cheers

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