ARB Bar Model difference?

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Feb 10, 2003
Rogue Valley
I ordered the winch bar that specifies the Warn 8274 winch from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, but when it arrived yesterday I see that it's part number 3410050, which is for the Warn M10000 winch.

what is the difference in the looks of these two? Can I mount an 8274 to this bumper? Does anyone have any pix of the M10000 winch bumper?

I don't want to unwrap it if I have to ship it back, that's why I'm asking about the style. If there's no difference, and I can mount the 8274, then I guess I'll keep it.
I don't have one, cut i THINK there would be a difference since the M10000 is like a low-profile unit. I am sure someone with more experience will chime in soon... I guess anything can be made to work with the right amount of effort...
I've called ARB and talked with them. The difference is in the mounting, and slight appearance difference.
ARB does have the M10k

FYI - they still stock the M10k at ARB. If you want of them (bolt in), just ask an authorized ARB dealer to contact them for one. I have one, and it sits very nicely in there.

You'll love the ARB! Nice work!!!

Follow up: I heard from Kurt and he's making it all good, sending the 8274 bumper next week, apparently the bumper they sent works better on the 80 Series. I don't know either way, but I can't wait to get the OME suspension + ARB bumper mounted up! :beer:

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