Anyone with 03+ able to program key?

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Oct 18, 2008
Back in the Valley of the Sun
There are so many posts about programming a new key into the ECU, and yet I find myself asking yet another question about key programming. :crybaby:

I am wondering if anyone with the 4d chip key (03+) has been able to successfully program the ignition immobilizer portion. If so what were the steps used?

So far all I have found are posts where the end result was taking it to the dealer to program the new 4d key into the ECU. I have been able to program the remote portion for the door locks, but continue to be unsuccessful with the ignition :bang:

So far I have tried 6 different methods of pat head rub tummy programming (aka on board programming). I have also tried to delete all keys except the master with no success. So at the end of the day I am wondering if an OBD tool is needed. I should note that the instructions in the FSM are only for the OBD tool.

NOTE: Every place I have searched the on board programming steps changed when the 4d chip was introduced. This is for all portions of programming including deleting all but one master, programming new master or slave, and programming remote. (I did try the 4c programing steps as well)
Does the sound of crickets mean that no one with an 03+ has been able to program the chip for the ignition? :confused:
I was talking with my friend that works for Toyota's tech training the last time we went through key programming here. He mentioned that it can even be kind of a crap shoot for the techs at the dealership if a key will program. I don't know if the Toy diagnostic tool (nifty Toughbook thing) makes it simple enough that you click "program new key" and bingo it does it?
Did you check with Locksmith Charley. He seems to be the expert on transponders and ECUs.
Trunk, thanks for the info. In speaking with a local service tech it seems the Toy diagnostic tool should be able to program the key, or an after market OBD key programmer should be successfull as well.

UHU, yes I checked with Locksmith Charlie. He normally uses the on-board programming, he said if it did not work for me that he probably could not help, but did give me a number to another local guy that has a newer version of an OBD key programmer that should work.

My problem is that the on board programming does not seem to exist on my truck. If I am right, which so far the information I have gathered confirms that I am, then I will have to use a programmer. My goal is to see if there is a way to do it myself without an external programmer. If there is I will post up the successful solution in the FAQ to help other/future mud members...
OK, so I found a Toyota applications manual for programming keys. It seems that 2002 and prior can be programmed via on board programming. The 2003 and 2004 model must have a key programmer to program the chip for the ignition. :frown: The manual I found only went up to 2004, so it is possible it was changed after that, but I doubt it as it was still the 4d chip.

If anyone has more information regarding the 4d chip please post up.
I recently had to have this done. I searched and searched and searched. I also tried everyone of the techniques I could find and none worked. I reluctantly brought it in to the dealer. He told me that from 04 and up you need to have either a toyota handheld or a pc with the toyota software on it to program a key. I doubted him and asked if I could watch. Indeed, he did not stand on one foot, open and close the door 15 times, and pull out a nosehair - the pc gave him directions which involved leaving the key in the acc position and leaving it there for 3 minutes.
So the only way to get a 03 LC key programmed is to go to the dealer?
Unfortunately yes. I responded to your pm, but thought I would respond here to for anyone else that has the same question.

I know for sure that you have to use a computer to program the 4D chip in the '03 & '04. Only a dealer or locksmith with the capability to program the key using a computer are the only ones that can help you.

The dealer will probably charge an hour of labor and keep you there the whole time (trying to prove a point I guess)... but if you can find a dealer that will do it for less than that it only takes a few minutes. Good luck.

*NOTE: I have not found anything concrete from '05 and beyond one way or the other.
I had new keys programmed for my '03 4R, they charged me $225, $90 for their time, and it was obvious that they were reading manuals to figure out how to do it. So far on my '03 LC I've just swapped the guts and chip to new key shells, no reprogamming yet.
x2 on the guts swappin mod.

$7 bux from DX!

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