Anyone out there with OEM rack cross bars sitting in their garage?

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Dec 18, 2017
I would like to take then off your hands, please let me know

Thank you
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Looks like you found something.

FYI, 100-series cross bars can work also. Requires that ~1" be cut off the crossbar width (hacksaw or jigsaw), but it'll work great with that simple mod.

I have 3 crossbars on my car, with one coming from an extra 100-series bars I had in storage.
Still looking....
I will be removing my OEM LX570 rack if you want to make a deal.
In case it helps someone else - the crossbars are directional.

They totally say it on top but I ignored and put them on backwards when I switched to the longer TLC rack on my 570. No surprise there was a ton of wind/whirring noise. Went away when I oriented properly.

To my eye the profile looks the same in either direction, but the noise settled it.
^Indeed. The crossbars are teardrop shaped in profile.
One other fun fact. I Swapped out my LX roof rack for one off an LC200. The crossbars on the LC are about 1/2 inch longer than the LX crossbars. I found this out when trying to put the LX crossbars on the newly installed LC rack. You can make the LX bars work though by dremelling out the screw holes that attach the plastic mount at each end of the bar.
Thank you! I’m good though I found them a while back

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