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Jun 30, 2017
Doh, I am just done with my haynes manual. Guys I just need some straight forward answers and sadly I dont have any friends who own a 75 (or any landcruisers! losers!) so here goes, i got my second 75 troopy this week and its got a few quirks. I thought maybe you experience folks could gleam over, smirk, and fix me up quick ~ Much appreciated for any help!

1, Tacho doesn't work!. I'm assuming something to do with fusible link. If not, anyone know where the tacho hooks up to ? (apparently ignition coil - but where's that?!)

2. Radio intermittently works. Will work for a bit, then if I put any load on the cigarette lighter (Even 1 amp) it will stop. I'm assuming the fusible link? If I ground 12v lighter to chassis and run from accessory I can get constant 12v to accessories (clock, cig lighter, radio and speakers). (I just put them on a switch!!!)

3. Can't get rear fuel tank to engage. Don't know why. Thinking its the fuel solenoid return fuels running to the solenoid but judging by the picture below, do you think its shot? There's two electrical connectors attached to nothing. Fixable?

4. Finally, just curious what the heck this is? The selector for the transfer case?

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Sep 1, 2003
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I don't know much and actually hate electronics but the other two I'm fairly certain with.

Tach not working is likely a plastic spider gear on the case that's worn or broken. It connects to the far end of the cable and is an easy replacement. :banana: job at best (do a quick search for spider gear tachometer)

Fuel tank not engaging is likely that solenoid.

Radio, I have no f-ing idea.

Jan 17, 2016
1. Depends on the engine.

2. Likely a corroded connection creating resistance. I would start with checking the grounds.

3. Haven't delt with dual tank setups, but connections attached to nothing don't sound good.

4. This is the speedometer drive cable.
Oct 2, 2015
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Not sure what type of radio you are running (stock or aftermarket), but If it has been replaced, more than
likely it wasn't done correctly. Stock audio wires are on the light side/undersized. You may want to run a dedicated heavier gauge wire to the battery or other switched source (and fused) and that should solve your radio issue. Mind as well run a heavier ground wire to the frame for the radio as well.

Not sure about the other problems.
Jul 22, 2003
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Is it a HJ or HZJ75? The tacho gets its signal differently for each model.
1st pic Looks like a fuel tank solenoid valve, not sure if its aftermarket or not. OEM are all black normally.
2nd pic. I would fix all that crap up just so it can be discounted
3rd pic That's the speedo cable.
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