Anyone know of a 100 or LX470 for sale?

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
Looks like I will be needing to buy a truck in the next few weeks so I might as well start looking. I would like an LX470 for the daily coosh but a newer 100 would work just as well.

Looking for anything under $30k or so.

If you all could keep your eye's open I would appreciate it.
If you get a 100 make sure you get one with rear air....your boys will love it...pretty sure all LX's have it.
Yep, I am leaning toward the LX right now...more of them out there have nav and DVD :)
Doing my daily cruiser search on all semi-local Craigslists and here's what I found...

99 Toyota Land Cruiser
2000 Lexus LX470

That first one is a rockin' deal that was posted today, hope it's still there.
No NAV system? What am I? A farmer? heheh
You're going to want to upgrade the Nav system.

Even the one in my 2004 is outdated and fairly useless at times.

And I agree with John about the rear air option...
Oh I will, i think it is just a DVD load right?
Yep, super easy. The dealership will do it for you when you have it in for service. Of course, there are cheaper, less legal routes you can go. :D
As with most offroad trails...I am always into the less legal routes
not bad!
hmmm, found a 2002 Benz G500 near my house for an outrageous deal. Know the guys selling it....uuugh. I have always wanted a G :)
Nevermind....I drove the G today...what a heep compared to the cruisers.
I was going to ask if it had low profile rims and extra tint
I have a line in the water on 5 LX470s, so I will leave the Gs to the folks with more money than sense.

I could hear the bearings whining in the diffs at 25 mph!
I was looking forward to seeing Dan, a G, Spinners and Slickrock all in one picture.

Oh well...
You ought to be able to find LX and 100's for under $30K all day long. Also, on the 2002 and newer the nav powers almost everything, a/c etc. So if/when it goes out its an expensive repair. For that reason wehn we were considering a 100 a year or so ago, we were going to stick with a 99-01. (98 100's dont have rear a/c)

Something to think about. For price I had a line on 2 different 100's for around $14-$15K over a year ago. SO I know you can get one for under $30K.

Oh, I also reccomend the rear a/c. No telling how many guys on here were trying to tell me ones without rear air arent a big issue. (To be honest I doubt it is when you are the only one riding in the truck.)

I'm curious about the G wagon. I always thought they seemed cool, but cost way too much. But then again to me anything that costs $30K is way too much.
G wagons suck, be curious no more. I drove an 02 and it was like driving a mid-80s cruiser.

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