Anyone in Carlsbad???????

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I don't remember or know of any club members in southern New Mexico. I think, Decavo, who is on mud is in Las Cruces.

And have some time and a digital camera?

I'm sure someone has been through Carlsbad in the past 5 years. Is there something specific you need?
My grandfather has a baseball field named after there. When I was there, I was still using film and didn't realize I didn't have a good shot of the sign. So all I'm looking for is a pic of the sign over the backstop (I think that's where it was) "Bill Edmondson Field"

Link of his story if anyone is bored.
Here is my co-workers response:

If it’s the field I’m thinking of, it’s very near my son’s preschool. I’ll take a look next time I go.

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