Any suggestions for an automatic mated to a 302 to replace a C4?

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Nov 26, 2007
I have a C4 between my 302 and Orion and it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Does anyone have a suggestion for a 4 or 5 speed Ford or after market? Just looking for a better unit if one exists. Obvious issue is it needs to be very short due to limited space in the FJ40.

PS: Not interested in suggestions for a stick or opinions on same. :eek:
I can't think of a single 5 speed auto that bolts to a sbf. The AOD is the easiest way to get OD since there's no electronics but the operation of the locking torque converter is a nasty compromise. This trans evolved to the AOD-E and later to the 4R70W. These have proper lockup torque converters but will require a standalone controller if you're carbureted. The other choice is the C6-derived E4OD. This trans is huge, electronically controlled and wasn't reliable until the last couple years of production.

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