Any other tank fit?

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I also was curious about this I have a 60 that I could steal one from, any idea if it will fit with some work?
I seem to recall someone mentioning a S10 tank worked..........
I've got a big metal box (rectangular- looks like a fuel cell) under my cruiser. I suppose you can make just about anything work.

However, might just be cheaper and easer to buy a large box of replaceable fuel filters. I had those cheap-o glass inline filter on my FJ60, you could see the debris and could even wash the plastic filter under tap water. Worked great for the 2 years I owned it.
With enough work, anything will fit. To me, the biggest limitation on the pig is depth. Before I did the tank above, I was going to use a Suburban tank... but the whole ~12" depth on the tank hung it too low below the frame rails.

Yeah I have a burb tank and probably wont use it for the same reason. some extra gallons would be nice, but wow that thing is too tall, even if I did a body lift.

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