Any one running Khumos?

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Oct 16, 2004
North of Boston
I am looking to replace my Mich LTX's on my stock '00 100. I purchased Khumo's for my daughter's Volvo turbo because of the great rating they got. They have been great so far. I do mostly on road, but can get some nasty coastal storms & like to hit the mountains for skiing. Some med off road for reconaissance of my field surveys from time to time.

I see Tire rack has many positive ratings on these also. Almost $80 less a tire than Mich or any other of the big names.

Kumho Road Venture AT KL-78

Any input would be appreciated.
I put Kumhos on a Saab turbo a few years ago and had good luck with them. I ran them on a LR Discovery and then when I traded it off with a set of 16" and BFG MTs I gave them to a buddy who ran them on a Range Rover for another year. I put them on my niece's VW Jetta a few months ago and so far so good.

I did the Mich's again on my 100 since the first set made it 90K miles. At that point I'm convinced those tires are worth the money. 17K miles so far and they still look spankin' new.
Never used the AT's but I have had a few sets of the Venture MT's. They wear extremely well and are as good as the others IMO.

Plus they're much much cheaper. :D

I wouldn't hesitate putting them (AT or MT) on for my next set.

I had the kumho tires on a 4Runner and they are currently on my wife's Honda accord.

They started out great. Good wet weather traction, but they don't last. Tread wise they're fine, but I think the carcass has stability issues. Tires on both cars experienced some cupping after ~20,000 miles or so. I keep pressures consistent and they're are on the high side to help with fuel mileage. The only thing I may be guilty of is driving > 100 mph on the accord ~95 in the 4Runner.

Because of my experiences I won't own another set of Kumhos.
I tried a set of 4 Kumho ECSTA's on my XC70. They were noisy, absolutely the worst in wet, snow or ice and didn't wear very well at all (but they were relatively there ya go). Not the same tire you are asking about but like above I doubt if I will try Kumho's again.
I've driven a few track laps on the Kumho Victoracer Competition tires and they were sticky as hell but that is a different tire altogether. As for the Kumho KL-78, I'd prefer the Yokohama Geo AT's at $15 more per tire. Yokohama has a reputation of making quality tires.
Nitto Terra Grapplers are popular on the board and not as dear as the LTX, Revo and All-terrains.

A review of reviews ....

SUV tires on ConsumerSearch

Keep in mind that tires are the single most important part of the vehicle and you can't stop, manuver or accelerate beyond the performance of your tires. Make sure you are getting the performance you want.
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I agree get the nittos from

Kumho is $110 each + shipping from Tirecrap

Nitto is $136 each w/ free shipping from Discount

The price is probably a wash and the cumhos suck compared to the nittos
I posted a thread on this also a couple of months back. I almost got the Khumos as well, went down to my Discount Tire and checked them out first-hand. I was concerned about road noise, so I went with my next pick which was the Geolander A/T-S in a 285x75Rx16 size - all five. Love them! I've only had them a little over two months so far and have had them in mud, sand, rocks and my LC is my DD. No road noise that I can tell.

FYI - I printed out the Tire Rack ad and Discount matched their price here locally, even gave me a little for my old worn trade-ins.

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