any difference in rear bumper mounting of 75 and 78?

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Jul 19, 2015
Dear All,
I would like to fit an aftermarket rear bumper for my HZJ75. The polish manufacturer makes the bumper for 78s made after 2007. They do not know if it is compatible with HZJ75 made in 1998, I wonder if anyone knows here whether there is a difference in the chassis/body which would make them incompatible.
You can see the bumper here:


Many thanks in advance,
There are some frame differences between 90-99 and 99+ troopys. Front end has some hole differences, i would not be surprised that the rear would as well.
I was able to put a new Kaymar that was supposed to fit a 78 Series on my 1988 BJ74. The 6 rear frame holes and the 4 rear crossmember holes had to be elongated a little. I also had to cut off the lower forward arms that were supposed to attach to the bottom of the frame rails because of my short overhang. My guess is you could make it work with the slotting and may not have to cut the arms off (if that bumper even has them).
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