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May 20, 2016
La Mirada, ca
Hey guys, I’m having my front control arm bushings and joints all swapped finally and had. A few questions.
1. Already ordered new outer tie rods (555) but
Should I get new inner or just wait till I replace the steering rack.
2. Should I replace the steering rack bushings while access is there?
3. I’m cranking my torsion bars but plan on adding the tjm bumper by December (W/o winch). Any downside to adding the sway away torsions now. They’re only $200 a set
i just finished the whole, might as well replace everything game.

I wouldn’t pull a rack out again unless the whole thing was being replaced. I don’t know if you can do the inners with it in place. I do know the bushings are possible though. I wouldn’t do them unless they are shot. I bought poly but didn’t install them.

I added OME torsions and I plan on adding bumpers in the future. I believe if you set the height, then restore the height (if you lose any) after your bumper install you should be good to go. I would do torsions, and leave the rack alone.
Replacing the outer tie rods is pretty easy while you are there. I wouldn't wait for the new rack unless you are planning on replacing it very soon. You just release them from the knuckle with one nut and a puller then they twist right off. Make sure you either count your threads or take a picture or something to try to keep the alignment as close as possible.

For the steering rack bushings, its really up to you. You can get a little more access to them with the axles out but its pretty minimal. They are a pain whether you do or don't have other things off. Doable though.

No downside to adding new torsion bars sooner than later. But you will need to adjust them again after you install your new bumper.
Yeah he asking about the inners arms on the rack though. Those would be a pain without pulling the rack right?

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