Another reason for Sliders...

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Mar 27, 2003
This past weekend I parked the truck on the sidewalk near my house to run in and grab some stuff for that night's hot date. I ran up and got my stuff and went back down to the truck. Just after I got in and shut the door some girl decides to back into the side of the truck at a good pace in her nice new 2003 Honda Civic that her daddy bought her. :doh: I got out and checked it out and to my surprise the side of my truck was unharmed while her bumper has a nice new crease in it. :D

At the speed she was going and the position her bumper was in when she hit me it likely would have nailed my rocker panel and lower door. Thank goodness for Ken Hanna and his beautiful artwork that currently resides on the underside of my truck.

Go get some sliders y'all, and stay away from places where chick drivers park. :D
they let the women folk drive in provo?
jk, still on my list of to dos.
Got to love to local babes! :D :D Worst drivers in the world!
[quote author=Safado link=board=2;threadid=6625;start=msg53835#msg53835 date=1066851921]
Got to love to local babes! :D :D Worst drivers in the world!

I don't think that it has anything to do with local or not. I think it is just the girl thing. :D The locale definately does not help though.

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