another clutch q.

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Feb 10, 2003
for some reason the clutch on our '81 Hj47 has packed it in, I didn't have the time to take it apart to see exactly what is broken, so if anyone knows what could have possibly broken I would be grateful.

I wasn't in it at the time, but it was reported to have been driving along normally at 20kph in 2nd 2wheel drive, when the clutch disengaged.

I rolled it out of the shed to check it recently, and after starting the engine, there was an odd clunk every so often, and drive would partially engage then partially disengage independant of foot pedal position. I checked the operation of the hydraulic line and it works without fault. So something inside the clutch has detonated. So before i go out there next time, is there any specifc part that its obvious i'll require?

I can't just pull it down and check it because the property its on is 1000 k from here, and i cant wait till i get there then check because the closest parts are here.

I recently installed a new clutch in my cruiser. Since there is absolutely nothing you can do until you pull the tranny, you might as well go ahead and buy a standard clutch replacement kit from someone like Cool Cruisers of Texas.

It sounds like your clutch disc is broken.
I'm guessing it's a bad throw out bearing (release bearing to you, Sam) but I agree, given how remote the vehicle is, it is best to have available a complete clutch kit.

I'm sure Down Under you can pick up a 12H-T clutch kit at a local auto parts store just as we pick up a kit for a small block Chevy ;)

I wish it was a 12H/T but its a 2H --- fitted to all trayback utes. Its not even my vehicle, its the properties vehicle which is used as the mule and as our shooting vehicle :) on our holidays, so its a real pity is out of action. And finding the parts should not be a problem because there are at least two independant non-genuine toyota specific parts importers within 2 suburbs of me.

So to fit a new kit I need to remove the gearbox/transfer case assembly right? Is there an easy way to do it with 1 person?

It CAN be done with one person but it's not light and it's not easy! I placed some boards across the doors and used a come-along to lift and lower the tranny. You'll find a trolly jack and jack stands very handy during this work as well.
Good luck, you're going to need it!!
If I was you I'd get the clutch disk, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing and replace all of them while it's apart!
The pilot bearing is the only item that will confuse you as to how to replace it. I fill up the centre of the bearing with grease and then use a bolt that fits the centre of the bearing snugly. Slip the bolt in on top of the grease, whack it with a hammer and the pilot bearing comes out!!
Most likely its the disc...possibly the pressure plate. At any rate as others have said while your in there replace it all.

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