Another check engine light ?!!!!

Jun 10, 2003
If you take a paper clip and jump between the two pins on a '94, what will the light do if it was not on? Mine was coming on and it was a code 71. The dealer said that they found a hose that was coming out from under the egr valve that was dry rotted. They replaced it and it has not came back on since. I was just wanting to make sure they have not pulled one over on me! I put the paper clip in it today, the check engine light was not on, and turned the switch on. The check engine light light just blinked steady, no pauses at all like when it was showing 71. Is this normal? Thanks!


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Mar 27, 2003
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I suppose you shorted T1 and TE1?

The no-code-stored pattern is steady blinking with no variation in time duration between blinks. (My, that was a redundant statement, wasn't it ::) )

So, yes, it is normal. (unlike some of us 8) )

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