Angel Fall Expedition Video

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plenty Canaima vids in youtube .. some are really good .. what I don't get it's few of those trips are made in Cruiser without lockers !
I drove to Canaima a few years back and had a great time! Does the government allow you to do that trip anymore??? I heard Venezuela doesn't allow after market bumpers and various other off road equipment anymore???
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The equipment is allowed, you just need to have a document that states each and every modification youve made on the vehicle. Yes the trip is still allowed!

tapage, most of the cars that go there have lockers. But they're not as important as youd think on the trip. Your real enemy here is water and mud, but not the really sticky kind that you bog down in (though there still is). The real problem here is that its usually up to the hood, it clogs up the radiator and doesnt really let you see whats on the trail ahead. Sometimes, the trail is so deep you have a dirt wall right outside your window rubbing against the side mirror (which is tucked in). Water crossings are also ridiculously deep and tracherous.
Lockers do help heaps in aislated events, but you can make it there without them "no problem", they're not as paramount as you'd think.

The "pipoteros" who are the people that do that trail maybe once a week or once every two weeks (they take Gas and supplies to Canaima and the indian villages on the way) dont even have lockers or much, they just have some seriously beat up 79's with SOA, military tires and maybe a bumper. They take some rope and thats all they use pretty much.
We have that " kind " ( sure there it not any exactly the same ) of trails here .. and we do 'em full of spares, winch, lockers and all toys we like to have .. while our " pipoteros " do as same as yours with pretty basic Cruisers and tools ..

What I do see here it's all 'em are at least welded 3rds or front or rear .. chained and pretty much all have PTO winches ..

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