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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
Trying to occupy myself and hopefully build up a business in the mean time, I have been requested to make something a little different. My good friend asked for a rack for the back of his Suzuki Intruder Boulevard edition. For unknown reasons all other aftermarket racks were only rated at 8 lbs!? carry capacity.
So I created a new one for him, slightly stronger.
Then we find out that the factory brackets for the sissy bar and the bike rack are made of aluminium and barely hold the seat rest in place (they were actually starting to crack from the back rest alone. So now we know why things are rated for only 8 lbs - how to fix it? easy, make new supports, hard, not a single straight line anywhere!!!!!
Lots of measuring, and we have a better than factory, upgraded version in 1/4" steel, with shiny chrome on it :flipoff2: take that Suzuki aluminium!

Oh yea, all CNC laser cut and bent :D

brackets - small.jpg

rack - small 1.jpg

rack - small.jpg
That is the nicest BBQ grille I have ever seen!
lol.. or those little yappy dogs...Throw a few politicians on there as well, they're well marbled...
Nice work? Did you up the load rating to 9 or even 10 lbs? ;)
Very nice work Mat, kudos. They look factory made.

That would look good on the back of the Banshee. Maybe when my finances are on back on track, I would like to modify the front of my frame to accept newer Yamaha or Honda A-arms.
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