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Apr 4, 2003
Hello all mates... for those that alredy do the alt upgrade . there is any technique to extract the " plugs " / wires in the stock conector to then fit 'em in the new ( Tundra ) alt connector .. ?

I got about an hour today trying it .. remove the " white " secure part of the stock bracket, but still can't remove the wires ..

Any tip it's appreciated !

thanks !

My new alternator plug was different so I just didn't hook it up. IIRC it's not relevant to the charging of the battery.
Wait, what?

As long as the main line is installed it will charge the battery...the plug is just for your meter gauge I believe.

I haven't had any issues with charging installing mine.
I got the connectors that match with the Tundra Alt .. the problem it's I can't pull the wires from the old 80 series stock alt connector to then insert 'em in the new Tundra connector .. there must be a trick to do that ..
why not just cut the wires and solder the existing wires to the tundra connector and insulate with shrinking tubes? there is a technique to that. i think there is a stopper on the copper terminal that you have to bend back so that it would just slip off from the plastic connector housing. you will see a small slot for you to insert a small tool to do that
Here is how it's the stock alt connector ..


and I have this exact brand new connector that suits the turndra alt ..


I was using a fine tool yerterday but wasent able to pull the wires from the stock connector ..
So slide that extraction tool into the connector next to the terminal, pushing until you feel a good amount of resistance.
It helps to push the wire in farther while you are pushing the tool in.
Do not pull the extraction tool out before pulling the wire out. Pull the tool and the wire at the same time, but mostly pull on the wire.

As long as you are 'unlocking' the terminal from the connector in the right spot, this should work. And I'm pretty sure that the tool goes in the same side that the wire goes in on this connector (as most of them do) but I can't be sure.

From the picture, looking at the bottom two terminals, it looks like the tool would go in between the terminal and the connector below the terminal (wire).

good luck.
here the " tool " that I'm using .. and the connector .. so you mean go in in the same side from the cables go in .. ?

Several ways to go about this. As Ivan80 says use an extraction tool if possible. Since most don't care about the old connector a person can use something like a Dremel tool to cut the old plastic one open and remove the wires. I have also just ground a small screw driver end into a rectangle and used that. Another way that has worked is use the same screwdriver type tool ground to about .100" X .035" and just try to push the terminal and wire out through the back of the connector. Lift up from the flat portion of the connector when pushing. This may scrape the back of the internal plastic "catch" but the connector is not reused anyway. For what it is worth CDan or Toyota sell a repair pigtail which is a terminal end with 6" of wire from it if the original stock terminal gets buggered up. Toyota part number 82998-12440 (Terminal, Repair) somewhere around $6.00.
Here is a picture of the terminal so it can be seen how it clips in. Speaking of pictures, when using another person's pictures the proper thing to do is to credit the photographer and/or thread.

Speaking of pictures, when using another person's pictures the proper thing to do is to credit the photographer and/or thread.


thanks Mr. Bill .. and sorry for not post the credits of the pics that I borrow from your thread .. that will not happen again.

BTW I will make a complete thread about my swap but in my case my stock alt have a smaller shaft compared with the tundra shaft .. that means I need to machine the pulley to make it work with the tundra alt .. giving me no chance ( or not easy ) to go back to my stock setup ..

wish me luck !

Edit .. someone have a pic of the emty conector ..? (with out wires )
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thanks Mr. Bill .. and sorry for not post the credits of the pics that I borrow from your thread .. that will not happen again.

Lol, I'm a little extra sensitive about pictures right now. I found out someone in British Columbia used one of my "real" pictures in a book without permission or payment.

The only stock connector that I have is this beat up one. I hope it has enough left to it to show what you are looking for.
I'm surprised about the alternator shaft size difference. What is the Toyota part number on the stock alternator?
Good luck with the rest of the install.

Thanks Mr. Bill .. I just borrow your pics from your thread to help me here .. and about my Alt just check in my EPC and interesting it shows 55A, 80A and 100A alternators ..

27060-17010 ( 55A ) 17030 ( 80A ) but I will confirm tomorrow my exact part number .. actually the issue with the pulley surprise me .. wasen't expected ..

Edit: at this point it looks that I will destroy the old connector .. I'm not hable to pull the wires !!! :damn:

what I'm not sure it's what is holding the terminal/wire in place ?
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