All windows up/down mod

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My audi A4 had that option when you held the driver key in the unlock position. It was awesome on a hot day.... bring on the tech and lets do it.
you need a thing called a window module. Thats what lets you do that. I think youd actually need 4 and they are pretty price and hard to program.
I can't imagine it being all that difficult. The drivers switch can already control all 4 windows, so the wiring is there. All you would have to do is wire in a switch that sent power to all four windows at the same time.

Only thing is it might work very slowly. I know if you hold up all four buttons at the same time they all go up very slowly.

I think you'd have to get Tim Taylor on it and ramp up the voltage :)
Bout 48v should do it!
I have an AutoWatch AM alarm system with an add-on module which closes all windows when you arm the sytem with the remote.
Pretty straightforward job, as mentioned you can get modules that need a negative input to operate them. The typical module will close a pair of windows, when wired to the neg out of your alarm they will all close at the same time. You can also have a momentary switch where they all open as well, this is with reversible modules but the wiring is as mentioned sitting in the drivers door.



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