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Sep 5, 2013
San Antonio, TX
I have a 77 FJ40...and this is a recent phenomenon. Went to take the Mrs. out for date night and noticed I didn't have any tail lights or license plate lights, only brake lights. A few days later thought I would take a look at it and now I have no dash lights either! I'm a really low level novice when it comes to electrical. I went ahead and compiled a list of things I have and don't have below. My question this too big for me to tackle on my own and how would I even start to diagnose something as complex as this? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Would completely replacing the wiring be recommended/feasible? Thanks!

Things I have: Headlights, Radio, Hazards (front and rear), Wipers, Wiper Fluid, Turn Signals (front, rear, and dash), Horn, High beams, Brake lights (rear)

Things I don't have: License plate lights, Rear Tail Lights (the kind that turn on when headlights are on), Dash gauges (no temp, fuel, but do have voltmeter), Heater Fan, Reverse LIihts.


Edit: All fuses are working and they have been replaced along with brand new fusible link because I did notice my old one was frayed and showing bare wire
Nov 14, 2004
You CAN figure out and repair whatever electrical issues arise with your truck and you have every resource to help you do it contained within this website and the collective experiences of its membership. Do not let frustration or anxiety cause you to think otherwise.

Without time just now to try to delve into this with you I'll just say that a loss of electrical grounding and/or poor contacts within components are very often the root causes of sudden failures such as those you've described.


'74 FJ40 - my first!
Jan 25, 2014
Danville, CA
Did you ever get your problems solved? I fought electrical gremlins for awhile - the solution came down to two items - make sure all your grounds are good. Take some sandpaper and expose clean fresh metal. And the fuse box - fuses may be good, but these vehicles are old so the contacts may have corrision that may not be clearly evident. I took so fine grit sandpaper and got all the contacts all shiny - both where the fuses go and on the back side of the fuse box where the electrical wiring comes in. It really is quite simple just a little tedious. Make sure to disconnect your battery cable before doing the fuse box work. Good luck!


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May 30, 2011
Pflugerville Tx
Whatginmtb said, sand all the contacts, sand all the grounds, and get a really long test lead then you can bypass parts of the eletrical system by jump wiring in parelell

So if you are testing the lisc playe lite, first by pass from + on battery straight to light fixture

If it starts working you know the problem is on that side,

If not do the same to - on battery checking the ground

Basically each test is designed to cut the part of the circuit in question in Half.

Keep testing cutting things in half, rill you know exactly whrer the issue is

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