Aircon condensor

Mar 27, 2003
Just when I thought I was OK with A/C a new problem rears its head.

I noticed that there was some of the green refrigerant leaking around the receiver. I tightened the connections, wiped it clean and left it a few days to see if any reappeared. Now, three days later, there is some new leakage. I don't seem to be losing a lot since the fluid level in the eye glass is still showing full. However, there is some seepage and it is only 10 days since the refrigerant was recharged.

What's the best way to proceed with this? I figure I might as well leave it to see how long the refrigerant lasts. When the A/C stops working I'll do something. When it comes to it, will new O rings sort the problem or is it likely to be more than that. Also, is a little seepage normal? Maybe I'm getting concerned over nothing... I have to add that it's some years since the A/C worked ...

:beer: Jim

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