Aircon condensor

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Mar 27, 2003
It appears that my aircon condensor has deteriorated further over the winter and I am now in need of a replacement. I have bought parts from the US on several occasions as price makes it worthwhile. Can anyone suggest a good retailer to try?

SOR have a part number 053-02I and a retail price of $317.99.

Any other suggestions on who to try?

Cheers, Jim
I've done a little research and come up with a company called
Rock Auto -

They sell a non OEM condensor called a Spectra Premium for $118 - An OEM condensor is $750 in the Uk - I kid you not!

Anyone heard of this company or has experience of buying from them?

Cheers, Jim
A/C condenser 97 FZJ 80(US): $229(US) OEM
I've bought alot from these guys and haven't found anyone who could touch their prices(about 25 - 40% cheaper than local stealer or any other web site).
My condenser is shot too (167.00 from these guys). It is already 90+ daily here and getting hotter every day.

Greetings Jim -

>> Try

This is Bob Bridge Toyota in Washington state. They appear to be quite reliable, and charge a flat 10% shipping to Stateside addresses. They are not Cruiser specialists... but parts are parts, when you exactly what it is you need. It certainly wouldn't hurt to email them with a query.

Cheers, R -
:D ah- hah! when I got my 40, the LCML bunch was dissing A/C as not being Cruiser-like or some such nonsense- I lived in the tropics then (Puerto Rico) and it was necessary. This bunch is much more civilized! Ah, how a few years changes us-
>> This bunch is much more civilized! <<

Yep, we might rip out all the carpet, rhino line the floors, dump all the plastic bumpers and such, but don't mess with our creature comforts!

:G :D :G :D

I'm getting ready to install the new condensor. In the FSM it states that compressor oil needs to be added if the condensor is replaced. I'm not clear where I add this oil? Is it to the compressor (where?) or does it go in the condensor?

Please help

Cheers, Jim :beer:
You add the oil on the low side of the compressor. On a 97 US it takes 40cc (1.4 fl.oz.) of PAG 46 for a condensor. If you are replacing other components you need to add more oil accordingly.
Here is a picture of my compressor. Am I right in thinking the oil goes in at point A? I believe B and C are where the juice goes in/out?
No, it would go in at "B". Notice the caps have an "H" and an "L" on them. L is for the low pressure side. The high side comes from your condensor - the low side is from the evaporator inside the vehicle. You have to either remove the bolt and pull the hose off the compressor and pour the oil in, or remove the other end of the hose if it is easier and pour the oil into that end. The hose on the compressor has a guide pin for alignment and the hose end has an O-ring on it. Be careful with the O-ring. If you decide to replace it I would HIGHLY recommend the OEM.
Thanks photoman.

I just ordered an O ring from Toyota. In my manual it says add HD-OIL is that the same as PAG 46? What do HD/PAG stand for? - My local parts store is a bit nonplussed on the topic of compressor oil and I need help :eek:

Thanks Again, Jim
the PAGRe: Aircon condensor


A thought just ocurred to me... I spoke to 'Mr Cool Cars' - who will be recharging with the refrigerant. He has the PAG.

I'm sorted. Thanks

Cheers, Jim
Basically, PAG oil is designed for different refrigerants and compressor bearings. It stands for Polyalkylene Glycol. Our US cruiser compressors are swash plate types using R134a refrigerant and require PAG 46 or sometimes written PAG ND8. If you are using a different refrigerant you need different oil.
I made the mistake once while on the road to buy an O-ring from an auto parts store that looked exactly the same as the OEM. I lost the refrigerant within a week. $$$$$$$$ Bought the OEM an installed it and the system has been holding a year now.

I too have been spending $$$$ on refrigerant. I have a new compressor and ordered new O rings for the connections. I have also ordered another O ring for when I add the oil to the compressor. In general do O rings need replacing only when you disconnect them or do they deteriorate on their own? Would it be a wise precaution to replace all my O rings before having the refrigerant recharge?

Cheers, Jim :beer:
While it is possible for O-rings to blow out and I once had them burn through on a cylinder liner when a piston cooked; if they are not leaking and you have not taken something apart they don't need to be replaced. You can also examine O-rings for nicks, cuts, or dents and make judgements. When I used to do underwater photography O-rings were a big deal as you can imagine. Sea water flooded cameras, housings, and lights are big bucks. Since you are replacing the compressor make sure it comes with oil in it. Otherwise you will have to increase the amount you are adding for the condensor. Remember to lube the new O-rings with the same PAG oil when installing them. Be careful when replacing the sealing plate that the new compressor may come with. Keep the compressor level when you take the plate off so the PAG oil in it doesn't run out. Normally a seal plate is used since this compressor body can be used for different applications. It covers where the refrigerant lines connect on so you may have to use yours off the old compressor. Since I don't know where you bought yours I thought I would mention this. If you got OEM then it may be complete and you don't have to worry about that part. Lastly, you can get a dye installed (about $20.00 US) when you recharge to see if you have any leaks. Normally you have to run the vehicle for awhile and go back to where it was pumped down and charged. They will use a use a special UV or black light to try to find any leaks unless it is obvious since the dye is brightly colored. Good Luck!
Thanks Bill. I made a mistake there saying I had a new compressor coming - I meant condensor. Hopefully the compressor is OK. I'll take your advice on the O rings and remember to put a little oil on before replacing..

Cheers, Jim
I have just replaced the condensor. No problem, easy job that took an hour start to finish. Anyone reading this in the future, don't be worried it is a piece of cake.

Cheers, Jim
Final word on this one. 'Mr Kool Kar' has been out and recharged my aircon. It's now blowing out cold air at 3 degrees celcius. Mr Kool reckons 10 degrees is normally considered good, and that he has never seen one at 3 degrees before. Now I'm waiting for a hot day. I'm hoping I'll have water condensing on the outside of the windows.. :D

Cheers, Jim
Final final word. Congratulations! 37.4 F is a good temperature. Keep in mind that the ambient temperature affects this. FWIW mine was 42 F at 80 F ambient. I don't think Mr. Kool Kar's 50 F would be too good though unless ambient was around 100 F.
I'm sure you're right about ambient temperature. It is only 60F outside at the moment which must account for my good readings.

Mr Kool Carz isn't very ambitious by the sounds of it..


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