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Discussion in '100-Series Cruisers' started by Jim_Phillips, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Jim_Phillips


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    Mar 27, 2003
    Hi everyone

    I have a 60 series at the moment and have owned 70s and an 80 in the past. I am looking at buying a 100.

    I am a little worried about expensive repairs. The 80 was very tricky compared to the 60 and I'm worried a 100 will be even worse.

    One thing that scares me in particular is the air suspension. I have no personal experience of this but know friends with Range Rovers who have gone through lots of problems...

    Can anyone put me right on this? How well does the 'complicated' suspension and all other major components stand up?

    I'm looking at a UK spec 100 series with a 4.2 diesel. It is white (not my first choice in colour - but never mind) it has 73,000 on the clock. Price is £14000
    (about $25,000) it's a 1999 GX model (no leather but auto box and all the gadgets) Should I be tempted?

    Cheers, Jim :beer:
  2. e9999

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    Sep 21, 2003
    I've read here that some folks seem to think that it would be possible to put on regular springs/shocks if the air or hydraulic systems go south on some of the cruisers... If true, that would be some peace of mind...
  3. Landpimp

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    Mar 14, 2003
    Gig Harbor WA
    its not air, its hydralic(sp) From what I hear if it goes out and you don't want to fix it, you can swap stanard LC suspension in place of the AHC set up. Its not like the Rover set up, which will lower when at highway speeds, the AHC when normal driving will be in the normal postion, if you lower it or raise it, it will go back to normal around 15mph.

    now are you sure it has the AHC? LC's in the US just got this in 2006, only the Lexus had it from 98+. Jap spec LC may have AHC on some of them.
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