Air conditioning - not sure if I've been converted or not?


Sep 5, 2003
Yuma, AZ
1991 FJ80

CLIFF NOTES: The compressor on my 1991 FJ80 has quick disconnect fittings on it like more modern R134a Systems. Is this the way it came originally with the R12 or has it been converted?

1991 was an R12 system.
Sticker in front of radiator clearly says this is an R12 system.
No other markings or stickers to indicate a change to R134...

...But the high/low side fittings on the compressor are the quick release type - not the threaded type usually associated with R12.

So - is this the stock compressor that came on this truck? Do the fittings alone determine whether it has been converted previously?

I'd like to charge it up with some Freeze12, but don't want to mix it with R134 if there's a chance that's what I got...

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