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May 16, 2018
Houston, TX

i have a 2006 LC with about 170k. Recently one of the pump actuators went out and the truck sunk from the front. Took it to the shop and was advised it better to have the AHC system deleted versus getting it fixed since with that mileage today its one actuator and tomorrow or later it could be the pump or what not.
Was advised to have it replaced with regular Old Man Emu 2ich lift conversion kit and have the AHC removed totally. Labor with parts quoted is around $4000/-.

My question is whether i should go with the AHC delete and hope it will not have any other impacts plus is the quote reasonable for the conversion it.

Any inputs will be appreciated.


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Feb 6, 2020
Thanks. Personally, I think that quote is outrageous. You can completely replace all of the major AHC parts for less, and probably have money left over for spares.


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Dec 2, 2014
Without an itemized list of parts and labor, it's really hard to tell.

A basic OME kit of just springs, torsion bars, and shocks is ~$950. If this is all you're getting, and the other ~$3000 is all labor, then I'd say it's probably too high.

If you're getting OME springs and torsion bars ~$500. Some aftermarket shocks, other than OME, let's say Bilstein 5160s at ~$800. Some front upper control arms SPC or Nitro ~$650-850. A diff drop ~$200. Rear control arms (Metaltech) ~$675. If you're getting all of that, the labor is about $1000, and they're removing every tiny bit of the AHC system, you might be getting a deal, but is that what you really need for your vehicle's use case?

From an admitted AHC heretic (me), that has happily ripped AHC out of two LX470s, I have to agree that you can do an awful lot of AHC maintenance/repair for ~$4000.
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Jun 19, 2013
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Yea.... and surgeons like to recommend taking out your gall bladder for money too. You could replace AHC parts twice for $4000. Keep researching and replace AHC parts that need replacing.


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Sep 28, 2010
Labor with parts quoted is around $4000/-.

Facepalm. That's insane. That shop sounds to me like they're afraid of AHC.

You could replace nearly all common wear components in the AHC system TWICE before you'd rack up that bill.

As a separate note, I'd be horribly upset if I paid $4k to end up with a 100 that rides like the OME setup (unless you've got a fully built and armored rig with an additional 1k lbs of payload).

I'd kindly turn down that quote and find another shop that's more willing to work with AHC. Your repair bill should be a fraction of that estimate for the lift.

Most every component in the AHC system lasts hundreds of thousands of miles. Unless you have pervasive rust on your undercarriage it's a bit heavy handed to suggest that once one part fails, all the rest are waiting to tumble like dominos.

@ADEEL FYI, this is a very common occurrence. A shop gets a customer with some sort of AHC trouble. They aren't terribly familiar with the system, but they know enough to know that it's complex and potentially a time-waster of their labor. Instead of work with the customer to find the trouble with AHC, they quote some absurd number (or scare the customer into thinking the entire system is a time-bomb) in the hopes the customer declines any AHC work and instead opts for a much simpler traditional suspension conversion which involves relatively little complex work and nets them a nice fat bill. They charge you a bunch of labor, they get to sell some shiny new parts and you walk away thinking you dodged a bullet when really you just paid somebody a lot of money to dumb down your suspension.

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