Aftermarket ditributor timing questions...

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Apr 26, 2003
Mountains of WV
I just recently picked up a '76 fj40 that has a series af aftermarket parts on the stock 2f motor. The rig had been garaged for 12 years, so most of the parts have to be at least that old. I am currently trying to time the thing, but I dont know how far to advance the distributor.. Its a delco-remy distributor w/ no vacuum advance.. I set it 7 degrees btdc, but under load full throttle it sputters/pops and loses power like a champ.. The guy I bought it from said he bought the ditributor, the Rochester carb and the header as a kit from Downey waaaayy back. Anyone else running this old system?anyone w/ other ideas? thanks. I may just replace the distributor, so anyone with good luck on other models please let me know.
Sounds like it might be the advance wether mechanical, vacuum etc.
My primitive way of seeing if it's retarded too much is to pull up to a curb and try feathering it up the curb. If it pops it's too far retarded......if it sounds like somebody dumped marbles under your hood (that's your valves) and it's too far advanced.
They tell you that it should be at 7 deg with your vaccuum hooked up.....but since you don't have any to set it with, I'm guessing that you need to advance it a bit. Once you hear the marble noise don't beat on it....back it off till it doesn't make noise. If it's really retarded...youll have better top end, and vice versa for advance having good off the line.....find the medium once it's set decently.

I have a mallory dist on my 2f which came on it....I hate it!!
The stock dist had an octane selector ( timing dial, wouldn't that be cool!!!)

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