After market wheels, and correct lug nuts

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Sep 14, 2013
Cedar City, Utah
I have read 20 threads on this matter and I will be honest, I am even more confused now than when I started. I think that with my aftermarket steel wheels I will need to get acorn lug nuts (as opposed to the shank style my truck has now) in order for them to seat properly. I just wish that someone would say it in simple terms. Can someone verify whether I am correct or not?
The style of lug nuts you use depends upon the wheel you use.
Every steel wheel I have seen uses acorn style, but verify with your vendor.
Thanks Paul, It was more a question of what fits my truck. The wheels came with acorns, just verifying that they will fit my Cruiser.
Both style wheels will fit. You must use the correct lug nuts for the wheel. What is confusing is that Toyota used both Lug Centric (acorn nut) & Hub Centric (shank nut) wheels on the Land Cruiser.

Don't forget to check & see which style wheel you have as a spare - you might need to carry lug nuts for it.

If you are using wheel spacers you must use the correct style for the wheel. (there is a work around for using lug centric spacer with a hub centric wheel)
I won't need to use wheel spacers, I searched long and hard for a wheel that would fit my hubs and also had the right backspacing. That is a good reminder to have the shank nuts for my spare on hand, thanks again.
You can, in theory, use the flat-seat nuts from an aluminum wheel with the steel wheel. They are designed with a 60degree taper on the end to work with a steel spare. However, it will look weird and potentially catch on things on the trail.
Occasionally the seats in aftermarket wheels have a different taper angle, but 99% of them are 60 degrees. Having seen some pretty ridiculous failures of hub nuts in the field, I would stick with Toyota OEM nuts.

The only thing to watch out for is that the body of the nut is long enough. The acorn nuts with the cap on the end could potentially be too short and you could break off the cap if the nut isn't long enough.

If the quality of the nut isn't a concern, any acorn with a M12x1.5 should be OK.

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