advice on broken rear shock bolt?

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Nov 5, 2003
Shippensburg PA
I'm heading down to Lowes to get some expensive Dewalt steel drill bits...

I turned the lower rear passenger side shock bolt right off. Flush with the sleeve
I tried welding a washer/nut to it. Went through 3 nuts and they keep turning off.
I think I'm gonna have to drill it *grrrr.....*

It's always something.... otherwise, I'd be on the road 3 hours ago....

anyone have any good advice????
maybe be wrong but you could try getting a really long bar of steel and weldingit to the bolt and heat it up and try turning it like a wrench.

just preparing myself for a similar job sooner or later, did this happen even though you put penetrating oil on there beforehand?
Since this happened 3 hours ago, I'm assuming all is now ok. Were those aftermarket shocks and put on with an impact?
no such luck Junk.....
I just got back from Lowes with like $60 worth of Dewalt Cobalt drill bits
I'm now heading to the garage to drill, drill, drill!! :flipoff2:

I *think* they are aftermarket shocks.... I don't know.
The bolt broke flush with the end of the sleeve.

e9999: I didn't put penetrant on the bolt before hand, but I didn't put a lot of force on it either. Penetrant would definitely help, but I think it probably would have busted anyway. (You should use it though!)

I was welding nuts to the bolt end, and the nuts kept coming off :eek: (under a LOT of force....)
For those of you doing this install, start putting pb blaster or whatever on those bolts a week ahead of time, put it on every other day, when it comes time to do it, it'll loosen right up. Luckily, the last 2 of ya that have had this prob, and drilled out the bolt, have not screwed the shock mount threads up, or else your problem just got nastier.

It's an easy job...until you break that bolt.....
Was it rusted or just corrosion? If rust, no wonder why the bolts would snap off, you're welding to crap. You could try to drill into some fresh metal, then get a new bolt in there.

Dunno, but at least you have the drill bits you should have had earlier today. :flipoff2:
Just did the same thing about a week ago. I just drilled mine out and retapped the hole. Make sure you center punch the bolt so you get a good start on your first drill. I started very small and worked my way up till the bolt was drilled out. Then I tapped it with a 1/2-13. She is still in there and seems to be working great. The drilling the bolt and tapping was actually much easier than I thought.

so I'm usually pretty good about drilling bolts out...... :'(

I'm versed, so I used a center punch and worked my way up the bit size, but soon found I was NOT in the *delete a long winded string of explicatives* center........

I only made it to a 3/8" bit before I was into the threads......and there is a bunch of bolt left that still wont budge.... I tapped it to a size 14mm head and stuck the little bolt in there and it's holding for now....but I don't know how long....

suggestions would be appreciated :whoops:
Drill, cut, grind as needed to entirely remove from the shock mount bracket the horizontal threaded portion. Weld in a new piece of steel round in the shock mount bracket. Drill and tap for factory size bolt.
Just did the same thing but on the drivers side - rear - the fuel tank makes it difficult to get a drill in there. Suggestions?
After busting a bolt a few weeks ago I started drilling it out but broke the drill bit off 3/4 of the way into the bolt, :censor: . Ever try drilling through a drill bit? It sucked.

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