Advanced adapters twin stick question.

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Sep 5, 2008
Lebanon, Oregon
I have a SM420 transmission mated to a 3spd T-case using Extreme bends adapter. Will the Advanced adapter twin stick shifter work with this set up? Thanks. Mark:beer:
No problem

I have the exact same setup, but a Danny Wardens adaptor plate. The Extreme Bends is the same plate, but clocked alittle more for the front out-put/driveline orientation.
It was not the easiest of installs @ the time, but looking back it was worth it now. HI/LOW-IN/OUT lots of heating and bending/welding to make work right.
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Thanks Rick for the reply. I have the A/A twin stick set up and it is a bitch to engage the front wheel drive. I will continue adjusting (bending) my shifters until it gets dialed in. Good to know that others have had the same issue... Thanks. Mark:cheers:

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