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Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by texas dogman, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Got my AA kit for sm465 and according to install instructions, may have to "thin down" the snap rings on the outer tranny bearings so the adapter fits flush with tranny. Apparently snap rings on 4WD trannys are thicker than the 2WD, and a dry fit of mine indicates I need to do some modifications.

    AA recommends thinning the snap ring (grinding) or using double gaskets. Seems to me that thinning the snap rings will /may cause the bearing location to change. This just doesn't seem like a wise thing to do. Doubling the gaskets seems like you may be setting your self up for leaks.

    Question: So for those who have used the AA adapter for a 4WD SM465, what was your solution and how has it worked.

    Finally for the $$ we pay for this adapter, looks they would have machined it to exactly fit the 2WD tranny or the 4WD tranny. Not that hard to have two different machine specs. IMHO, I think it was sort of a sheety deal to find this out after you purchased the adapter.

    One other solution which seems to be possibly the best is to take adapter to machine shop, and have them take machine out more of the bore in the adapter to make it fit the thicker snap rings. But then again, I feel that;s what I paid AA to do. Then, in the small print, they say any modification to the adapter will void any warranty on the product.
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    Had the same issue with a Novak 420 adapter to a Dana 300 for my Atlas install in ’05.

    I had a machinist friend cut that step a bit more in the adapter so that it would fit flush and not hit anything without a gasket installed....

    Cut it, and don't worry about it.

    Welcome to the world of ‘bolt-ons’

    “Nothing to it, it’s a bolt on deal.”

    Whenever I hear someone make that statement, I laugh......A LOT.

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