Additional wire at OBD2

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Nov 16, 2006
Fort Worth, TX
I’m new to the 200 series and just picked up a 2017. I though it was odd that there was a wire hanging down, but it was clearly part of the OBD2, so I thought it just needed to be secured.

Yesterday I looked at it a bit more and it looks like a pigtail plugged into the OEM OBD2 port with a short extension, plus an inline fuse. The OEM OBD2 is a white plug, and the OBD2 connection on the extension is black. Everything on the vehicle seems to be stock, so I’m not sure what this could be. Any thoughts?

I’ll get a picof the wiring, but here’s our new cruiser

I’ll guess an anti theft device Installed by the dealer you bought it from. Give them a call?
Solved. Pulled the panel off and fished it out. It’s a GPS vehicle tracking device. Not sure I have a use for it, so I’ll probably pull it out. It’s made by M-labs, model AR-2CX. Previous owner might be planning to repossess....
Wow. Apparently some drug lord from Breaking Bad was ready to track you down... ;)

Hope it's nobody from the Salamanca family.
Hope it's nobody from the Salamanca family.

Whatever you do, don’t drive to their chicken joint for lunch... ;)

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