Adapting spool gun to Miller 175

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I have a large structural aluminum project coming up that I don’t think I want to use my tig on due to speed. I have a trusty Miller 175 mig which should push enough amperage for what I need to do but the 175’s were not intended for a spool gun. I have found some spotty evidence of folks adapting a spool gun to it online but hopeful someone here has actually done it?
I'm not sure why you say it wasn't intended for a spoolgun. Here is Miller's chart:

From here: Spool Gun Hookup Chart | MillerWelds -

You just need the adapter mentioned.
Thanks @PAToyota I should have clarified. I am aware of the SGA-100, but it is a standalone spool gun driver. It costs ~$400. The Miller spool gun also costs about $400, so $800 total.
For $900 I can buy a new Hobart 190 WITH spoolgun included. Doesn't make sense to spend almost as much as a new welder to adapt a spoolgun for one project.

I found on some welding forums where a company used to sell a simple adapter for the Spoolmate to Millermatic 175 for <$100, so I know it is possible.
Yeah, I was confused when you said the 175 wasn't intended for a spoolgun when Miller specifically offers the option.

I guess either find someone who has the <$100 adapter to either buy or see so you could cobble your own, find a used spoolgun with the Miller adapter, or upgrade.
Update for anyone who might find this in the future or @nepbug who said he was following-
Turns out Miller sells an adapter toggle switch that is intended for later model Millers, but works on most 175's depending on the age. Part No n890025
No idea why Miller's website says you need the SGA-100 ??? when this toggle is available. Probably because it requires opening the case to install.

I bought a new in box returned Miller Spoolmate 100 off ebay for ~$350.

Now I have a functioning, non hacked, Miller spoolgun on my 175 for about $400 total.
The red circle is the toggle switch installed in the panel of my welder.

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 9.07.41 AM.png

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