AC compressor issue

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Jun 8, 2019
Los Angeles
Hi all,

I recently had my mechanic work on my AC due to intermittent cold and not so cold air when AC on. I noticed that when the compressor was on, the air was nice and cold but then (looking in the hood at the compressor), it shuts off intermittently. Naturally when it shuts off the air in the cabin goes back to not being cold. it does this about 3 or 4 times a minute.. so I don't have consistent cold air. Should I buy an new compressor? or the compressor clutch kit (ebay for 50 bucks)? By the way, system has been recharged so it's def not that.

Thanks guys!
You need a new mechanic, if you have to do your own diagnosis or asking us for answer take it to another mechanic.
I am going to do that too, but since I am curious as to the possible culprit, I thought I'd ask to see if anyone had experienced this.
Since your a newbie try the search and FAQ most of us here are willing to help out with almost anything but if you are just gonna post up and expect a straight answer it makes us think if you are just here for your vehicle problems and such. Let me Welcome you to MUD and this is the official mud welcome.:flipoff2::flipoff2:

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