ABS light always on/cent. diff issue

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May 20, 2011
in Jersey near Philly YO!
I just got a 96 LC factory lockers , paper clip test turned on the Center Diff light, pulled and cleaned the switch works ater cleaning, pulled the one on the rear of the transfer case, no reading, cleaned it and working now and still no center diff light. Dont know what the other switch is but it sticks straight up not angled like the other switch. Now the ABS light is always on...I bought it this way and he said the lockers worked even with the ABS light always on...I hope he wasn't scamming me. Will an ABS fault prevent the Center Diff lock from engaging? I haven't had a chance to do the figure 8's to try to get the center diff to engage since I dont have Plates or registration. I am hoping the 8's kick it in. Any ideas if that doesn't work?

UPDATE* I put the paperclip back in started the truck light is on, went to RR lock= BLINK Went to FR+RR= BLINK then moved up and down my driveway then the front stayed solid but rear did not. I think I can do my 8's to loosen it up. But this is with the paperclip still in. Even though I cleaned and got continuity that switch could it just be bad I hope. What you guys think?

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Replaced the Center Diff switch on the transfer case. Still no Center Diff lock light!!! Any ideas what to do next? Is my transfer case bad?

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