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Nov 27, 2014
Hi fellas, just wanted to introduce myself.

A new member with new (to me) 98 UZJ100 with 218K miles and very good service history.

I have bought the rig about a month ago, and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

This is the first vehicle of this type for me, so, I'm hoping to use the wealth of knowledge available on this site to learn about the truck, it's capabilities and proven mods.

Kudos to folks who made this site available, and to the community for sharing! :)

photo 3-2.JPG
photo 11.jpg
photo 2-1.JPG
Thank you all, so far running boards removed and OME shocks installed. Somehow, I have a suspicion it's not the end of it.
Ride, Shoot and Drink fits a lot of us. Land Cruiser, 44 Magnum and Miller Lite work very well together. Recipe of champions.
Looks Nice !! Very similar to my LX 470!!
Ride, Shoot and Drink fits a lot of us. Land Cruiser, 44 Magnum and Miller Lite work very well together. Recipe of champions.

Aye aye

Welcome with a nice looking cruiser
Hey fellas! Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to be among a like minded individuals, who don't mind a little shooting, riding and drinking :)

I wanted to offer you a slightly new look of the rig with new OME shocks, running boards delete and new 295/75/16 Toyo Open Country Extreme tires.

I really like the look, but I do have oh so slight rubbing in my right front. So, a lift or tire change might be in order.

This is not only my first Cruiser, but a first vehicle of this type. Therefore, before going crazy on modifying, I'd really like to learn what it's capable of in stock or close to stock form. Therefore, I have concentrated on ensuring the regular maintenance is up to date, and all the changes made so far are reversible.

At any rate, enough talking, there are couple of pics below, whadaya all think?

Nice tire choice! I am going with those Toyos next time around. How bad is the rubbing? I admire your sensible approach to modifying your truck, one step at a time...
LTrain0800: rubbing is very slight. It is non-existent under almost all NORMAL driving conditions, and I have a hard time reproducing it. I think it happens when I make a right turn and suspension compresses. It sounds like rubber on plastic. Hope this helps.
Looks like a beauty. I'm always amazed how they look so good even with that much mileage if taken care of properly.
RideShootDrink - First off, welcome to the addiction (as another MUD'er so aptly put it!). Regarding your rubbing, prior to adding my 2.5" OME lift, I upgraded to 33" Nitto Terra Grappler A/T's, with no rubbing noticed, but didn't do any serious offroading (I talked with Christo Slee at Slee Offroad about recommended max tire size with no lift) at that point. Also, had to comment about your gas station photo, first your rig looks great with the upgraded tires, and appreciate a Chevron gas station as the backdrop (ok, ok, yes I am a Chevron employee.....).

As I have learned, you too will learn that this forum will provide excellent technical support in addition to suggestions about various upgrades, both from personal experience and knowledge of others who have done similar upgrades. Also, many vendors post on MUD as well which is also very beneficial to the LC world of enthusiasts, not just trying to peddle parts but to provide some excellent feedback on reliability of aftermarket upgrades, pros/cons of various upgrades, etc.

Welcome and looking forward to hearing about your future add-ons (and yes, most likely there will be many more....)!:cheers:
Looks good @RideShootDrink!

295s are generally considered the max size to fit without a lift.

Wondering if at 218k the shocks - depending on when they may have been replaced last - are a little tired. Or you may want to consider a medium OEM (or other mfr.) lift kit.
Looks great! Check your front turnstops for proper clearance. Is your front height level left to right?
Rideshootdrink - lol

Sig 229 .40 and Makers Mark here!
Curious what measurement you are showing from ground to fender. I'm at 34-1/2" with no rubbing yet on my new Nitto 295/75r16 tires. I installed a new set of OEM shocks last year.
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