A Local Built 100-Series?

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Oct 19, 2006
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw a graphite 100-series last night getting off the Capital City Mall exit of 15. Roof rack, aftermarket rear bumper with tire carrier, I *think* an ARB on the front. Looked lifted, too.

Anyone have any info? I had to look twice since I haven't expected to see one of those around here.
I was heading south at 60+mph and he was heading north, getting off the exit--no time to flick one out the window at him! :D
Make sure you lead him a little, if you're good then it's actually pretty easy.
Kinda like shooting skeet, huh?

Today, over lunch, I saw a dingy white 62-series with a roof rack, front bumper corners removed, maybe lifted, heading west on 83 near the 13th Street Exit. I was heading East and didn't have the business card at the ready.
Okay, I'm not on crack. Saw the built Hundy again yesterday evening. He was pulling out of the Giant near Rt. 15 and the Turnpike and we were pulling in with the 80 to get gas. Smile, nod, wave . . . who the heck is this guy? I'm guessing he's not on the board here.

Nice truck.

Didn't have time to flick a card his way again.

I'd build a 100-series if I had the cash.

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