A good maountain road to see the Air Force Thinderbirds tomorrow?

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
We want to go see the airshow tomorrow and from the looks of the paper the whole area is gonna be a clusterF. So i was thinking about going into the mountains to watch it from the back of the cruiser.

Is there road with a good vantage over the Air Force Academy?
Anyone want to join?
There are some roads above that can get you a view but you will be a ways away. I don't recall the road number, ask Luke or Chuck.

Another option is biking in on the Santa Fe Trail and find a spot with a view. Could be the next best thing to a stadium seat. I have never seen any security at the trail gates but I don't know if that would change during heightened security.

I had the privilege of attending graduation last year. That was the first time I had been to a military academy commencement, I found it more moving than a typical commencement. If you ever get a chance to go to one jump on it. By the way the Thunderbirds put on an awesome show and hearing the announcer's descriptions of demonstrations adds a lot. Stadium fly over at the hat toss is way cool.

I am way too busy tomorrow or I would be tempted to join you.
Doesn't Schubarth trail have a spot that overlooks the Airforce academy? If I remember right they have one you can drive up too and they also have one you can get out and hike less then half a mile and it's got a great view of the airforce academy. Unless I am mistaken.
That's what Charles Wells' book "Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails" 3rd Edition says...

"fantastic overlook above Air Force Academy"

Just past waypoint #5 - GPS coords N 39 02.53 W 104 55.52

Just FYI...Colorado Mountain Brewery is a good spot...beer and an enclosed patio looking right over USAFA. During AF football games they had "Kill the Keg" out there with a free keg of beer...free until it was gone. You can watch the flyover and could probably watch the games with a scope haha.
The shubarth trail has a good vantage point of the AFA, but you are pretty far north of the chapel, which makes the stadium hard to see. Not real sure of the flight path of the thunderbirds, but I assume you would be disappointed. Where is this Colorado Mountain Brewery you speak of Dave? I need to check that out :)
Off Interquest near the Hollywood Theater and Cheddars Restaurant. Great food and beer!

Colorado Mountain Brewery

They are even advertising the fly-over on their website...LOL.

"May 25th- USAF Academy graduation and USAF Thunderbirds Airshow. The fun starts at 11am with CMB opening an expanded seating area and tent. We will be serving specials all day long with special release beers as well. Come out for the best seats in Colorado Springs for the air show!"
What about the Mining museum, ever watched it there? They have picnic on their lawn for $5 and that what i was planning until i read in the paper that traffic is supposed to be terrible in the whole area.

CO mtn brewery would be awesome, starting at 11am...I'd have to put my big boy drinking pants on for this one!
But not until i get me a job, after we should have a little meet up there for all who have not tried or wish to partake :beer:

Thanks for the ideas guys!
If you can get up there, you should be able to do OK on Schubarth Rd, it's about 5 miles from the Stadium Line of sight. Depending on their flight schedule you may see some great maneuvers. The brewery would be nice too though :)
cool man, my office is accross and pretty close to that base- didn't make time to check it out but lots of folks from here have been talking about it. cool!
So, how was it? I'm in the Air Force, but the T-birds are always impressive. I do think they should switch to F-22s though...those blow the 16s away with maneuverability. That would be pretty expensive though...haha!

I'm always down for a meeting at CMB. Let me know. I love those french-cut blueberry/habanero chicken wings...beers good too!

Is anyone here also a member of the Brew Bros homebrew club?
Yah it was awesome. First time I've ever seen an airshow of any kind, simply put these guys have huge balls!

We got stuck at home so we didn't want drive much. Looked at google maps and found a good little park along woodmen rd. Pretty good vantage point, even had them fly over a couple times.

Dave I gotta check out that homebrew club. I just started basic home brewing before we moved. Call or text if u ever wanna grab some cold ones.
Here are some iPhone pics
cool man, ya airshows are legit. My old man is a mechanical engineer and he does all sorts of stuff with planes/jets/helicopters. Anyways, been to a few/// they THROW DOWN on those shows in so-cal...even seen a plane wreck
Dave I gotta check out that homebrew club. I just started basic home brewing before we moved. Call or text if u ever wanna grab some cold ones.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the show...T-birds are always awesome.

During the USAFA home games you can sit at Colorado Mtn Brewery and watch the parachuters and stuff. Pretty fun...I drink the free beer on the patio until it runs out then usually go inside and watch the game if it's on.

So, you in the Springs? Profile shows San Antonio. Where you at? There's Colorado Mtn Brewery up north, Rocky Mtn Brewery off Pwrs/Galley and always Rock Bottom/Old Chicago's...

I was pretty heavy into my local brew club in Alaska, but haven't made time here yet...sad since I've been here almost 2 years!! I've been waiting for a new Blichmann burner to show up for over 2 months now....supposedly shipping mid-May. Pissing me off...I want to make some beer and my current burner takes to long to heat my brew pot!
I got to watch from my deck :bounce: I'll put some pics up later.

I've also purchased a home brew kit, but haven't used it yet.

cool breeze, I live down the hill off of woodman from where you took the pics.
Dave sorry to confuse you, I am from san antonio but recently moved to the springs. Just haven't changed my profile yet. We haven't tried co mtn yet but LOVE Bristol and Trinity is right down the road so we stop in for happy hour sometime. I gotta try this free beer thing at co mtn though, free is ALWAYS good!

Hey Jerk you lucky dog! I kept driving by the houses telling my wife we should just go knock on someones door and ask them to use their patio for the show lol. We're not too far up the road off Garden...honk if you see me in the silver 80 with TX plates!

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