A/C Recirculation Servo

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Jul 21, 2012
DFW Metroplex TX
Just bought a '96 LX450. Literally just got it today!

I do have a bizarre issue that I can't seem to figure out. When the A/C is set to recirculate there is a servo/motor that drives an arm in the dash beside the glove box that continually spins. The arm was disconnected so I reconnected it to what I assume is the recirc flap under the dash. It just continually spins and causes the recirc to surge on and off. If I turn off recirc it stops and doesn't surge, but then I'm getting 100degree TX heat through the system... No bueno! What is the deal. Anyone experienced this. Is there a resistor or something that's bad. The recirc switch on the A/C controls is working, the servo is just not doing what it's supposed to. HELP!

This is my first post by the way. Looking forward to being a part of the forum!
I have no techno info to add but wanted to say welcome and VERY clean looking rig.

x 3. Nice rig.... welcome. Looks like a excellent platform for wherever you want to take it.
Thanks for the welcome guys!

I actually fixed my a/c issue. Dug into the dash behind the glove box and found the out of control servo/motor that wouldn't turn off. Not sure if the motor is supposed to disengage itself internally or if its controlled by the a/c amplifier or another relay or something. Anyway, I just unplugged the thing and got the flap to permanently sit in the recirc position. Who needs fresh air from outside anyway! It's 100+ in Texas this summer and I don't know that I've ever actually had a need for fresh air on any car I've ever owned. So it's working the way i want it to now. Still not a proper fix, but good enough for me for now! If anyone knows the proper fix let me know.

Also, fixed a floppy side mirror with the "zip tie fix" and got an ecu cel code sorted out. Not a bad first day!

Now I need to get the electric seats to work and moving back and forth!
My recirc servo went out so I disconnected it and it is now permanently on recirc. For where I live, it works since I've never (in any vehicle) used anything but recirc.

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