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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
My AC had stopped cooling... yesterday I pressurized it nitrogen, leaked checked, pulled a vacuum & then filled with oil and 2.5 cans of Freeze12, but if does not cool... compressor does come on, etc.

I was in a hurry when I was doing it so I did not spend a lot of time diagnosing. I was noticing that after I would put in a can of refrigerant, the pressure on the gauge would go up and then would start to drop to a vacuum. Why? The low side is the bigger diameter hose, and the port is a few inches away from the compressor, correct?

Truck= 92, 22RE

Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance,
The compressor has marked on the case hi and lo incase someone has modified the hoses or colors. Does that help? MIke
No mods, I've had this truck since new...
Why freeze 12? Did you flush the system first or just pull a vacuum?
Freeze12 was the only this I could find at a reasonable cost and no I did not flush. I thought that freeze12 and r12 were compatible? I did run a little nitrogen first and then vacuumed.
You are probably better at this than me,but I hear good and bad about freeze 12. My a.c. supplier in Irving always recommends a full flush when changing between 12,-freeze and 134a.Also changing out the dryer too. Just a thought. MIke
I am no better... Do you know how to or what to flush it with? I do have a new filter/drier whick I have not installed. I was thinking of doing the r134 conversion but figured I'd try the freeze12 idea first...

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