97 AT problem

Nov 13, 2005
When I put it in second and drop down to first it shudders like there is no power or gear slipping. :confused:

When it is in drive it has no problems selecting any gear. Even in first it is fine. Only when the selector is in second and it drops down to first.

Would it be the selector lever needs adjusting or something else?

Any help is always appreciated and if it is something as easy as adjusting the selector lever, what are your tried and tested methods of finding the exact position to set it at.

Thanks again.:cheers:
Oct 12, 2005
Flatwater, NC
Starting in second gear is normally done for low traction situations like snow/mud etc. My chev downshifts are strange and loud from second gear starts if I downshift into 1st after I get the truck going. It just doesn't like it. The trans will shift smoothly otherwise in all scenarios. I am afraid to try it in the LC now...

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