For Sale 96 fzj80 Diesel conversion CA.

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Considdering selling my Deisel 80 series DD/Expo rig. *****SOLD******I have had this rig for several years and it started life as a relatively stock 80 series. I did a diesel swap in it in march of 2012 and it has been a great rig ever since and has never let me down. it is currently my daily driver. It is legally registered in California as a diesel landcruiser and you will never have to smog it, and for that matter you could now put any engine you want in it I suppose.I did all of the work myself so take that as you will but I have done several engine swaps in my cruisers over the years and this one was relatively straight forward. I swapped in the Isuzu 4BD2t 3.9l diesel. Why the Isuzu? well it was either that or the cummins 4BT. both are great motors and I would have gone either way but this one I found came with the IDS adapter already which is a $1500 set. I also think the Isuzu is a fair bit quieter than the cummins. the odometer on the rig is at 221k but I need to change the speedo output gear on the split case as it is not working. I have put at least 15k miles on it since the swap. this motor is typically found in the isuzu NPR box truck. I sourced the motor used and it supposedly was rebuilt with 20k miles but I have no way to verify. It has always run good. it has the Isuzu Diesel Swapper adapter to a gm automatic transmission and an fj62 transfer case. I converted it to part time 4x4, added selectable hubs, and removed the ABS since it would only work when in 4 wheel drive when I did not want it to be on. The braking works perfect without it. I integrated the wiring harness to the engine and the gauges are the factory gauges with addition of a pillar pod with pyrometer, transmission temperature, and boost gauge. the ignition is integrated to the fuel cut off solenoid and works like normal. the glow plugs are on a momentary rocker switch on the dash. I had an upgraded turbo built for it. it is a Garret T25/T28 combination which will yield about 20psi vs. the stock 12 psi of boost. the turbo is oil and water cooled. the Isuzu fuel injection pump has a fuel limiting screw on the outside of the pump sometimes referred to as the "more power" screw. it allows you to turn up your fueling or turn it down with ease. this motor is a 4 cyl engine so it is not a power hound but it does have lots of power and torque. I average around 22 ish MPG depending on where I am going and if I am loaded. interior is decent but the front seats have the typical torn leather. i have also not put in the air conditioning. the plumbing is there and the condensor is there it just needs to have a bracket fabbed for the toyota compressor. it has been a great rig and I am in no rush to sell it. it also does not break my heart because I am sure I will build another one some day...after I finnish my FJ55 project...

-1996 Isuzu 4BD2t turbo diesel.
-Garret T25/T28 water colled turbo
-relocated oil filter to the sidewall
-early 4BD1 oil pan for better clearance
-GM 4l65e auto transmission fresh custom built (10/30/2013) for the swap with Hughes heavy duty diesel/towning torque converter and a huge transmission cooler.
-PCS analog transmission controller that is in the cab and can be controlled on the fly.
-Fj62 part time transfer case rebuilt by Georg at valley hibryds and the shifting was changed to twin stick cable operated shifters.
Dual battery (optima yellow top) system with T-max controller and auxilliary outlet in the rear for the fridge.

both front and rear axles have been fully rebuilt including all new bearings and seals all around
factory lockers. I rebuilt the rear locking mechanism a couple years ago.
new 4:88 gears installed 2 years ago.
Brakes are realatively new
steel braided lines all around
ABS removed
LPSV removed
new Master Cyl
brand new (yesterday) 315/75/16 BFG All Terrains (35's) I also have a set of the same size mud terrains but since it is a daily driver, I just put the AT's on. there are 3 M/Ts at 40% and 1 at 100% (the spare tire). (i got a sidewall puncture....) 3 are not mounted.
Pro Comp 7031 wheels. ... blingy....but they look great

4" Ironman springs with OME shocks
Ironman front and rear adjustable panhard bars
Ironman adjustable caster bushings
Ironman sway bar bracktes
(1 front spring is losing the factory coating but ELI from Camel 4x4 is warrantying both front springs. they had a problem with a batch with the coating, just waiting on back order, first week in October)\

I built all of the bumpers and sliders
Front bumper with 8000lb smittybuilt winch and offraod HID lights'
Rear bumber with dual swingouts. high lift jack, spare tire, and CB antenna mounted on one side. water/fuel carrier ont he other side. also has rear quarter protection off the bumper

leather and two tone. front driver seat very torn, passenger starting to tear. typical of the landcruiser leather seats....
rear seats ingood shape
3rd row seats in good shape with added lap belt for 3 seating back there
husky liners
sony stereo/cd player with auxilliary input
sony speakers
Cobra CB mounted under the stereo
B&M megashifter
Twin stick cable operated t-case shifters
HID lights
aux trans fan
glow plug momentary switch
T-max dual battery controller
Pillar pod with trans temp, pyrometer, boost gauge
Garmin GPS hard mounted and wired
DVD player

exterior has been herculined (could use another coat again) on the lower section, fender flares removed and has typical brush scratches and some dings and such.

leaks a very small bit of oil that comes from the ventillation tube which is pretty normal for this motor.I recently did the rear main seal. should have done that before I put the motor in but I needed practice taking out the tranny agian so that is done...I removed the boost/fuel limtiing rod from the fuel pump which allows for off boost fueling instead of requiring the turbo to spool up. it can be put back if desired very easily. altitude compensator on the fuel pump probably needs a new diapragm. i just notice that it ads a bit more fuel on sart up and acceleration when at altitude. the bumpers probably could be repainted. I originally did them with herculiner and it did not stick as well as I figured. I probably did not prep it good enough

what would I do different? Probably would have done a maunal trans..I like the auto for simple driveability and it sure drives excellent and smooth, I think the manual would get a little better mileage. I like the simple piece of mind of the manual but the auto is very nice. The intercooler is not in the ideal place but it works great. It was difficult to find a good spot but it works. I may have done 4:56 gears instead for the 315's but I did it in anticipation of possibly running 37's. either way the gearing is fine. Cummins vs. Isuzu? the engines are about the same in torque and horsepower. the isuzu is easier to turn up the fuel on but the cummins has more availability of aftermarket performance parts. both are solid motors and readily available for drop in replacement.

I have done several long road trips and this rig has never let me down. It is my daily driver. for exapmle this year we did Death Valley for a week in the back country and then came home and loaded our river gear in the Bantam trailer and drove to the Owyhee river in Jordan Valley Oregon for a rafting trip. that was about 1800 miles of road/offroad trip. only bummer is that I did not integrate the cruise control. It hauls me, my wife, 3 kids and the willy's trailer loaded with gear in style. everywhere I go I get looks, comments, thumbs up and questions about the rig. would it do the Rubicon? yes without issue....but I have the Fj60 crawler for that....

a couple more things;
if you are seriously interested please feel free to email me and we will talk on the phone. I am trying to put out all the info I can on it but I am sure there is more. I am not in a hard up rush to sell and will not entertain low ball offers. I am not interested in any trades at all. There is no implied or expressed warranty for any part of the vehicle.

asking [STRIKE]$18,000 [/STRIKE] lowered to $17,000Located in Pollock Pines (Placerville) in California, East of Sacramento.

email is best as I am not on mud every day

Chris (VETTE60)





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more pics

I do also have a matching original Bantam trailer with fully articulating knuckle hitch (my own design) but I am not sure I want to let that go with it yet.


Very cool truck!
Incredible rig!!! Really wish I could make the finances work. Best of luck w the sale, she will make someone very happy I'm sure.
Incredible rig!!! Really wish I could make the finances work. Best of luck w the sale, she will make someone very happy I'm sure.

Thanks paul!
Great looking rig, good luck!
What kind of RPM are you turning one the hwy? Doing the same swap but with a 1T and 4.10 and A440. Just curious how the 4.88's work with that.
What kind of RPM are you turning one the hwy? Doing the same swap but with a 1T and 4.10 and A440. Just curious how the 4.88's work with that.

it was about 2100 rpm at 65mph. if i were to do it again i would run 4:56's with the 35" tires. if you are going 37's i would run the 4:88's. I did this in anticipation of 37's. your best diesel fuel mileage will be at around 1800 rpms if possible at freeway cruise.

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