96 fzj780 fuel tank capacity?

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as the title reads, what is the total fuel capacity on this vehicle? could not find it in my crappy haynes manual. Trying to figure out the mileage I get. I get about 315 miles from a full tank overall.


25 gallons
Much, much worse.

I get about 8. (in town)
yes, but don't the newer models get a bit better mileage? hopefully I will hover in the 10+ range overall when all is said and done. Keep in mind the 12.6 is a combination of city and highway driving. I am guessing I would get a bit better if it was all highway. Not a big deal, as that is not why I bought the truck, I bought it to go anywhere as a family vehicle, comfortably.
25 until dry - the fuel light comes on with approximately 5 gallons left.
I doubt you used all 25 gallons before you filled up. The light comes on when you have four or five gallons left or something (anyone have any concrete info on this?). Still, I was averaging 13.5 (mostly highway) with bumpers tires, and everything. I got the Landtank MAF and now average 15 mpg. I think the jury's still out on whether the MAF is bad for you engine or not though (it is a very long, heated, and over-my-head discussion).
5 gallons ... Which is a lot. The needle reaches the dangerous zone very early compared to all other vehicles I've owned.
5 gallons left when the gas light is solid and needle is well below E surprises me. thats just under $20 in fuel here. i always put gas in when the light is solid...maybe i should give it another day to & from work (45 miles round trip 90% hwy) n see what happens. probably should have a jerry can just in case.
That sounds like it would be cutting it close. How bad is it to run out of gas on these?
Technically speaking, what is bad about it? Obviously it leaves you stranded, but does it mess up your fuel system? Make it hard to start again? I've always wondered.
IIRC not restarting is a concern for older diesels (need to pump diesel back to the system), but not for recent (or somewhat recent) gas powered engines.
315 / 20 = 15.75 miles per gallon

that's a bit better! :)

I thought I was doing better than 12/13, I am running ltank's maf and the truck is well tuned up.

If I can keep it to 13/14 loaded up with everything, I would be happy.

I was getting 260 until the LT MAF. Now I'm over 300!
When I bought my LX450 in February and brought it home some 2300 miles, I averaged 16-16.5 continously at 70-75mph. Once home running the local roads around 50-60 I'm getting 12-13 on a regular basis. No add ons as of yet. Just give me some more time.:D
You can go 70-75?! I wish my LX could go that fast! I usually hover around 62 mph to maintain driveability, mileage, and workload. I really need to regear...
On a long road trip last year (2,300+ miles) I averaged 16.5 MPG so a full tank would theoretically be good for 400+ miles, but I never had the guts to check, especially because of this overpessimistic fuel gauge. I already broke a sweat last month by pushing my Matrix to 350 miles with a 12 gal tank before finally pouring 11.5 gals in it.

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