Wanted 95-97 fzj80 AC lines

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May 17, 2016
United States
I'm looking for a set of AC lines that run in front of the radiator to the collector that sits in front of the radiator. Mine were damaged by the PO in an accident. Much appreciated!

I just picked up a bunch of miscellaneous parts that included a/c components and lines. Do you have a pic or description of what to look for? If I have them you are welcome to them cheap!

to the condensor, or the receiver drier? i'm not sure what you mean by "collector". one line will run from the compressor to the condensor, another from the condensor to the receiver drier, the line between the drier and the expansion valve in the cab is actually two lines joined, as is the line from the expansion valve back out to the compressor. there is a pair of joined lines that go between the evaporator in the cab to the expansion valve (also in the cab).
Honestly, I have no idea. I assume it's the drier in front of the radiator to the driver side. That shiny cylindrical doohickey in front of the radiator. I just know that I can't use the lines off of an earlier FJ80 without soldering on different ends to the pipe and my parts truck is a 93.
yes, the cylinder is the receiver drier. are you looking for both lines?
I just spoke with slow95z and it sounds like he has both lines that I need, so hopefully I've found what I need, but it's hard to tell what all will need to be replaced due to the fact that the PO was in a front end collision and it damaged quite a few things up front, including the air bag sensor, I believe. All I know is I have my work cut out for me!

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