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  1. Navyator

    A/C blows cold but with clicking sound and rpm changes

    Hey all, My A/C never worked while in Japan, but it was hardly ever an issue with the climate there. When I came back to the states, however, I got the system recharged and it has been working great ever since (year and a half). Unfortunately, the compressor started to go and finally failed...
  2. Just Diddly

    A/C refuses to turn off

    Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However...
  3. I

    A/C Air Recirculation

    A solution to keep recirculation on by pushing a button even when the defrost mode is on. In other words, a wire to override the defrosters so recirculation can be on in any mode. I thought about closing the diverter and disconnecting power to that air inlet servo however i prefer a electrical...
  4. S

    AC only works in defrost mode. 98 Land Cruiser 100

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser 100 series and I am having issues with the air conditioning (AC). The AC will only work if the position selector is in the defrost position. It will not work in Auto, Chest, Chest/Feet, or Feet only position. It also only works with the air recirculate switch is in the...
  5. FJ40Jim

    97 UZJ80 AC problem?

    Tim has a 1997 40th that has been swapped with an engine & trans from a 2003? Tundra. 100K on the engine, 250K on the body & chassis. It runs & drives good and most of the swap is well done by the PO. Some details that have been straightened out are air filter, MAF, fan shroud, PS & ATF hose...
  6. J

    Heater/A/C not working

    Hello, New to the site so I apologize if I am out of order on something. I recently purchased an 84 fj60. 2f engine that had been desmogged and had a Holley carb installed. Runs well. Short version, I have no working a/c and no heater fan. Has a good fuse. Please help. Summer is heating up...
  7. L

    2000 LX470 A/C Not Working - DTC 19, 37, 47

    Hello All, 2000 LX470 ~110k miles - no known previous work done on the a/c system. Before I ask what the codes mean, a brief history of the problem: First, noticed issue when cold air stop coming out of the vents with the A/C on. A/C light was not blinking at this time, but remained solid...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  All AC parts for FJ80 AND HEATERS

    SoCal I have parts for all different years of FJ80 1991, 1993, 1994m, 1996, 1997 from several part out cars including: Compressor, Idler Pulleys AC lines AC amplifiers coils Condensors AC control units etc. Heater control valves NO HEATER CORES PLEASE CONTACT WITH YOUR YEAR LANDCRUISER...
  9. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ55 Air Conditioning System

    A/C system out of a late model FJ55. Looks to be aftermarket except for the little fan control part. Will sell it all or pieces. PM me for pricing. See photos here.
  10. F

    A/C Delete

    Hey, everyone! We are the second owners of a 1983 FJ60. The first owners did something really neanderthal and put on an aftermarket a/c compressor and bracket rather than using an oem a/c install method. This has caused all sorts of problems, one being unable to find the right size belt in an...
  11. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Part number Denso 88650-60060 $75 including shipping. This amplifier is from a 1997 FJ80 but cross references to 91 to 97 AC amplifier. Tested part
  12. V

    Air conditioner temperature control problem

    Hi everyone, I have a LC 2005 Cygnus (more or less the same as the LX470 but RHD) I recently had to remove (by pass) the coolant lines to my cabin heater radiator as it started leaking coolant into the cabin. After this bypass, I noticed my Air conditioner temperature control was not...
  13. sigorama

    For Sale  Various FJ55 Parts including complete factory A/C and more

    I have a variety of parts off a 1973 FJ55. List below. PM me for pricing. View photos of the parts here -Complete factory A/C system (nippon denso). Compressor, lines, fan, brackets, electrical components, etc. -Interior door handles -Interior door pieces -Window crank handles -Emblems...
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  A few AC parts for 91-92 R12 Landcruiser

    If listed, I have it. If not I don't. SoCal area: Hoses to and from compressor. Both idler pulleys. One large pulley and one smaller pulley. I am aware that the hoses for R12 are not the same as the newer R134 hoses. Paypal and shipping available. Someone asked for the large pulley last...
  15. jawjatek

    RTH needed: getting AC evap out... IT'S OUT

    Ok it is loose, 4 screws, the bottom bolt, and the 2 nuts are removed, the connector unplugged, the pipes disconnected, but I can't seem to get the thing back far enough to clear the firewall. Do I: 1. need to remove the lower heater duct? How? I took the one screw out and dropped it some, but...
  16. okcruiser

    Help diagnosing an intermittent A/C Problem

    Running a 1995 for the past couple of years and it has developed an odd air conditioning problem over the past 4 months. AC will be ice cold upon the first start up of the day and stay that way as long as it is running continuously. But, if on a trip to town I make 4-6 stops (engine off) the...
  17. cruzerDave

    Defrost with NO A/C

    98 LC - anyone found a way to disable the stupid A/C-on-when-defrosting? I like to decide when things happen on my truck, and when it's 9 outside and I need to keep the wipers from freezing I would prefer to NOT have the stupid A/C turn on just because I want heat on my window. It sounds like...
  18. thewadejack

    New Here! FJ60 5.7L TBI rig/ A/C ideas?

    How yall doin! I managed to finally buy my dream FJ60 this last Saturday. From a very happy previous owner excited to see someone of my generation looking and longing to learn what's necessary here. In my college days I wanted one of the older J10 pickups or Jeep Cherokee Chiefs from the 70s...
  19. 40thSagePearl

    Climate control mystery... please help !

    I have a 1996 lexus lx450 that i recently bought and have been loving it since day one. I have noticed that air is constantly coming through my air vents even when the system is set into the "off" position and when set to recycle mode. It seems my truck is stuck on fresh air mode... where is the...
  20. R

    LX450 HVAC issues

    My 1997 LX450 would occasionally over the years have an issue where the HVAC (all of it - heat, ac, fan, etc) would not do anything until I pushed a few buttons on the controller and then it would work fine. Fast forward to now - I got the it back from being in the body shop (left rear quarter...
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