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  1. FionnBG

    Need help retrofitting Air-Conditioning to HZJ75 Troopy

    Dear IH8MUD, I'm currently in the process of retrofitting air conditioning into my 1992 HZJ75 Troopcarrier. So far i've got: filter/dryer compressor condenser pulley TX valve harmonic balancer pulley bolts, 1hz compressor mount Brackets hoses/pipes under dash condenser This leaves me with the...
  2. DirtyPepper

    Electrical AC issue / intermittent electrical issues - 1997 FZJ80

    Because my original thread was initially about speakers and I was asked about symptoms of an electrical issue I noted in the post, I'm moving my response to get some additional insight and advice. *** *** *** *** I redid the entire cooling system at the end of August, replacing the radiator...
  3. C

    JDM/AUS FZJ80 rear AC magnetic switch

    I have recently acquired a 1996 FZJ80 with just over 40k miles. It came factory with a rear AC unit but it doesnt engage the conpressor or recieve and cold freon. Im 99% sure i have nailed it down to the rear magnetic switch, but cant find a part number that is usable. I have found the part...
  4. Ragingrhino

    SOLD Late Model BJ42 AC w/ compressor, controller, hoses, 2Condenser's (OEM & New) Can Ship

    Late Model OEM 12V AC in good condition out of an 82 BJ42. Dryer is not included. $1600
  5. C123MS

    Wanted 80s FJ40 Air Conditioning Parts

    Looking for parts (working or not) for a 1980s FJ40 air conditioner. Need to use them to spruce up my cruiser's original A/C unit. If someone has a core or parts to the unit, please let me know. Pictures of the A/C unit in question are below (out of a 1980 FJ40). Generally looking to see what...
  6. mikehuntt3

    1995 KZJ78 Prado (RHD) Air-Conditioning Issues

    Bought vehicle in winter time and never tried the aircon. Shipped vehicle to the USA and tried aircon this summer. Noticed that the clutch would NOT engage no matter what. Had a half can of R134a and decided to put some in. All of a sudden, the clutch kicked on while parked in my garage. I put...
  7. S

    FJ62 A/C Upgrade in San Francisco BayArea

    I recently purchased a 90 FJ62 that is in great shape except the A/C doesn’t blow cold. The switch with blue light illuminates and the fans work but just regular temperature air. It wasn’t on the road much for last 4 years so not really a surprise. Instead of seeing if I can get it recharged...
  8. Argyfoe

    82' FJ45 Troopy A/C

    Good evening all. I purchased this truck and it came with non-working A/C. I believe it's OEM. The dash control switch I'm unsure about. When I pulled it out, it wasn't hooked up to anything, and the wiring behind it was a mess. So, my question is. Is this an original A/C rotary knob (dual...
  9. A

    LX 450 Blower Motor

    Hey, I wanted some advice about how to fix my front blower motor. A while back my front blower motor in my 97' LX450 stopped blower air, it's started getting real hot so I'm trying to fix it up. As it stands right now, the rear blower motor is working, the heating is working but the front...
  10. HemiAlex

    SOLD BRAND NEW 60 Series 2F AC Compressor by Denso 4711372

    1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 4.2L L6 DENSO 4711372 (471-1372) A/C Compressor $ 186.99 $ 0.00 1 $ 186.99 Purchased from Rock Auto, but it wasn't my problem. Brand new in box, and shipping from Houston Texas. $120 plus the ride (About $20+/-) in the in lower 48
  11. Navyator

    A/C blows cold but with clicking sound and rpm changes

    Hey all, My A/C never worked while in Japan, but it was hardly ever an issue with the climate there. When I came back to the states, however, I got the system recharged and it has been working great ever since (year and a half). Unfortunately, the compressor started to go and finally failed...
  12. Just Diddly

    A/C refuses to turn off

    Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However...
  13. I

    A/C Air Recirculation

    A solution to keep recirculation on by pushing a button even when the defrost mode is on. In other words, a wire to override the defrosters so recirculation can be on in any mode. I thought about closing the diverter and disconnecting power to that air inlet servo however i prefer a electrical...
  14. S

    AC only works in defrost mode. 98 Land Cruiser 100

    I have a 1998 Land Cruiser 100 series and I am having issues with the air conditioning (AC). The AC will only work if the position selector is in the defrost position. It will not work in Auto, Chest, Chest/Feet, or Feet only position. It also only works with the air recirculate switch is in the...
  15. FJ40Jim

    97 UZJ80 AC problem?

    Tim has a 1997 40th that has been swapped with an engine & trans from a 2003? Tundra. 100K on the engine, 250K on the body & chassis. It runs & drives good and most of the swap is well done by the PO. Some details that have been straightened out are air filter, MAF, fan shroud, PS & ATF hose...
  16. J

    Heater/A/C not working

    Hello, New to the site so I apologize if I am out of order on something. I recently purchased an 84 fj60. 2f engine that had been desmogged and had a Holley carb installed. Runs well. Short version, I have no working a/c and no heater fan. Has a good fuse. Please help. Summer is heating up...
  17. L

    2000 LX470 A/C Not Working - DTC 19, 37, 47

    Hello All, 2000 LX470 ~110k miles - no known previous work done on the a/c system. Before I ask what the codes mean, a brief history of the problem: First, noticed issue when cold air stop coming out of the vents with the A/C on. A/C light was not blinking at this time, but remained solid...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale All AC parts for FJ80 AND HEATERS

    SoCal I have parts for all different years of FJ80 1991, 1993, 1994m, 1996, 1997 from several part out cars including: Compressor, Idler Pulleys AC lines AC amplifiers coils Condensors AC control units etc. Heater control valves NO HEATER CORES PLEASE CONTACT WITH YOUR YEAR LANDCRUISER...
  19. sigorama

    For Sale FJ55 Air Conditioning System

    A/C system out of a late model FJ55. Looks to be aftermarket except for the little fan control part. Will sell it all or pieces. PM me for pricing. See photos here.
  20. F

    A/C Delete

    Hey, everyone! We are the second owners of a 1983 FJ60. The first owners did something really neanderthal and put on an aftermarket a/c compressor and bracket rather than using an oem a/c install method. This has caused all sorts of problems, one being unable to find the right size belt in an...
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