Wanted 91-97 80 Series used Steering Box

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Mar 20, 2021
Allen Texas
Looking for a cheap 80 series steering box I can rebuild and upgrade to the 105 sector shaft. I done want to pull my leaky one and have my daily driver sidelined for days on end. I live in Allen, TX (north of Dallas) if anyone is local and has one.
I am willing to sell one if you buy the 105 kit from me and pay me to do the install. And would also require you to send the original back. Currently out of stock but have a few more on the way.

I also can sell you a 100% new 105 box assembly for a bit more.

Check FB markets, there’s a guy in Dallas with one for sale, that’s already pulled. Also a guy in Burleson that parts a few 80’s (he is pricey tho when I got a quote on some parts).
I have a couple $385 shipped in the lower 48.

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