89 or something 4 runner 22re question

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May 21, 2009
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I've always loved the first gen 4 runner but hear the 22re is gutless. Not sure how dependable the 6cyl is.
Is there another Toyota option to pull the 22re out and drop another in without too much work ?
My best hope would to find something decent on gas that can pull a small utility trailer and not suck on the highway for speed.
What should I look out for in searching for an old first gen with the removable top ?
Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
I owned an '85 for 10 years with the 22RE. Look for low to no rust. They're quite susceptable, with really thin sheetmetal. A clean, complete and properly functioning interior would be nice too.

Neither the 22RE or 3.0 will pull a small trailer with any accleration or comfortably maintain crazy "down south" speeds of 80 mph/125 kph. Nevertheless, I'd personally go for either one of those stock engines and drive it 'til it dropped.

3.4 Toyota swap is the most common, dialed in choice. That would give you a lot more power. I think it requires some sort of lift to fit though, not sure.
Feb 4, 2006
I’m not a 3.0 hater like most. Had one for years in an extra cab pickup and it was just fine for what you describe. Just don’t put bigger tires on it. I would agree that a 3.4 transplant is a good move.
May 29, 2007
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If I have to pick between the 3.0 and 22RE I would go with the 22RE just because of the aftermarket stuff you can get in comparison to the 3.0. My 3.0 is pushing 300k and it feels better with a 5 speed behind it much better pull compared to the 22RE. If time and money is not a big issue I would go with a 3,4L swap you could get a SC too if you can find it.

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