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Sep 22, 2004
Columbus, OH
United States
I am selling a 1987 FJ60 wagon for $600. I was going to fix it up, but, well, you know the story.

The truck and I are in the Columbus, Ohio area (on the Westerville end)

It is a 1987 FJ60 wagon with an Alpine CD player, A/C, and power steering. The body looks pretty decent, with a few dents and a few rust holes (esp. the back fenders).
THE BIG PROBLEM: The truck had a siezed motor when I bought it. I have unsiezed it with some cylindder oiling and pushing, it now runs. At a little under 10 mph, it has a bad knock that sounds like a failed bearing to me. It only runs well enough to put it on a trailer, NOT to drive home.

Andy Johnson
I get home from work at 16:00 EST, but the machine is on all day. Please do not call me after 21:00 EST, as it angers me. Well, annoys me at any rate. I will return calls in the order received, so if you are interested, call me and leave a message.
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