85 FJ60 with 350 swap for sale (1 Viewer)


Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
United States
Well, I have got myself into a financial bind so the project/hobby has got to go. Oct 85 FJ60
Later model 350 block with retrofitted carb
Stock 4 speed
AA conversion everything
It runs well but I wouldn't trust it on long trips
needs: front body pannels, someone with time (not a junior in mechanical engineering)

My buddies and I did the whole swap last semster (when I wasn't taking thermodynamics and fluid mechanics) as a learning experience. I have no time now to fool with it and I need money fast. I would really like to a "fair price" for it, but will entertain any offer. Its one of those deals where I have about 7G in the vehicle and really dont want to get rid of it but am going to have to. I'll post pics soon. oh yeah, the wheel wells are trimmed as I was planning on doing SOA in the near future. This truck is for someone who wants to turn it into a beast. Its never going to be a "beautiful truck" again...

Im in Longview, TX (two hours east of dallas, one hour west of shrevport)

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