81 fj40. Parting out. Central FL.

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May 13, 2005
United States
I'm giving up on my project. Ran out of time to work on it.
81 FJ40. Engine and drive train in pretty good condition. The body has some good parts. Not much of the back left. Rear ambulance doors in pretty good shape. I cut the body tub off where the firewall meets the floor and trashed the back part. If anybody needs anything from this truck, make me an offer. I will try to get a more complete inventory of parts later.
I need a distributor, wires, coil and igniter. Do you have these items?
power steering or air conditioning??? put me first in line. I won't be able to get back on line until friday eve.

Front and rear mats, OEM if in good condition!
The location is East Central FL. The condtion of the motor is pretty good. It has about 88k miles on it.
I was going to rebuild it when I took the truck apart. But after removing the oil pan, I changed my mind. It
was to clean and ran too good to bother. I shot some motor oil in the cylinders when I parked it, and I turn it over a few times now and then.
About the price, I will accept any reasonable offer.
Still have the ambulance doors?

Yes, I do have the ambulance doors, they are in pretty good shape. I took them off when I got the truck. They have been living in the shed. They do need some minor work and paint.
Hows the frame?
Or maybe not. I tryed to but your in box is full... Ill just post what I said here.

I really need the title and VIN tags for my 40. Building it from scratch and have no title for it.

Also need a hood, bib, aprons....

Let me know what you are asking for all of the above.


PM,post up or call. 904-315-6555
pm box is full, tried to send you this message:

hi, im responding to your 1981 part out thread. i am interested in the two front doors.


81 fj40

Put me in line for 3rd members. Let me know price. Your pm box is full. John Butcher

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