For Sale 80 Series steering column clam shell

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Mar 8, 2015
United States
Hi, I have a perfect condition one in grey color. I bought it here in this forum for my 1992 FJ80, but it does not fit this model, I guess is for the 93-97 model. I`ll add some pictures later. $60 shipping included (I paid $75 plus shipping). Here is a picture from the buyer when he sent it to me. Thanks!

Ill take it.
My wife keeps telling me that it looks like it was stolen with the clamshell off.
That is a 95-97 clamshell. It can be used with 91-94 but you have to cut a hole for the Cruise Control. I do have done this mod a couple of times. The 95-97 clamshells are better than the earlier ones. They are more flexible and do not break as easily.

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